Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/5/10

Today’s show started late. When I was leaving my house to come to the station, I saw a pickup truck with flashing blue lights pass my corner– that usually means a volunteer firefighter, so I followed him to see what was happening. I was surprised to see a house fire less than two blocks from my home, next door to some friends. Naturally, I stayed in case there was some way I might be of assistance. When I left, the Carterville, Energy, and Herrin fire departments seemed to have things under control– thank you, guys!

I’d never seen a house fire before (and luckily, this one was currently unoccupied) but I think it’s going to stick with me for a long time. I’ll be checking all my fire alarms today, and I’d like to ask you to do the same. Here’s some good information on fire prevention, too. Might be time to review this stuff!

Tom Hamilton, Peter Zummo — Trance for the Bopanon Set (from “Slybersonic Tromosome” on Penumbra)
KK Null, Daniel Menche — 1 (from “Raijin” on Asphodel)
KK Null, Daniel Menche — 2
Novasak, Halfnormal — Interstices (from “Interstices” on Smell the Stench)
Instinct Control — String (from “This Is Where I Draw the Inflection Line” on Liscentric)
Iannis Xenakis — Voyage Absolu des Unari Vers Andromede (from “Musique Electroacoustique” on Fractal)
Larry Polansky — #7 (from “Four Voice Canons” on Cold Blue Music)
Larry Polansky — #17
Larry Polansky — #9b
The Holly Martins — Schu-Schu (From “No No Yes No” on Edgetone)
Hijokaidan — Self-Mutilation (from “The Neverending Story of the King of Noise” on Alchemy)
Hal McGee — Zen and the Art of the Tape Recorder, Side 1 Part 1 (from “Zen and the Art of the Tape Recorder” on HalTapes)
Glenn Weyant — Droneland Security (excerpt)

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