Framework:Afield episode online now

The main Framework page has my show streaming right now– just scroll down a bit to see the player. I think you can also download this episode by subscribing to the podcast. Here’s the playlist…

#285 5/23/2010

Eric Leonardson, Rinus Van Alebeek – “The Bermuda Moment”
Chas Smith – “Mardi Gras” – Cold Blue Music
– “The Black Creek”
Mark Peter Wright
– “Inside Flagpole”
Mark Peter Wright – “Steel Hand Railing”
Mark Peter Wright – “Interior Street Lamp”
Bernie Krause
– “Sea anemones, Alaskan tidepool”
Bernie Krause – “Carpenter ants, Arizona desert”
Jana Winderen
– The Noisest Guys On The Planet – Ash International
Kim Walker
– “I Found Salvation At Clybourn”
Claudio Curciotti
– “Maoist general strike, Pokhara Nepal”

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