Happy Birthday, DaveX

I didn’t really realize that it was going to be my birthday until a few days ago– obviously, it kind of snuck up on me. I’ve apparently been too busy to do the usual gift-harassment, so I’ll be hitting everyone up extra hard next year. But I got something right this time around the sun, and I was smart enough to call it way back last December.

This is my year.

I’ve been working on my focus, and it’s paying off. I finally got around to knocking on WSIU’s door– and today I just finished producing my fifth episode of “Sounds Like Radio” for them. I started looking up venues and planning the Noise Summit way back in November, which was also a success. And hey, my lawn’s mowed and the kitchen floor got mopped. I didn’t have an adventure today (at least not yet) but I did have a number of small nice things happen…

“Happy Birthday” were the first two words I heard today.

I played “Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon” while eating Cheerios with the kids.

Miss Information bought me a morning Coke.

Johnny Cash and I went down in the Grand Canyon on a stubborn donkey.

I kidded a cashier about stealing nickels from the till.

I had a giggle in Production B after leaving the mic and monitors on for a voice-over, which made me sound like a Martian.

The Chairman told me that he admired my “passion for music.”

I got two nice birthday cards.

I danced around to John Henry’s theme music.

I convinced the Weasel that an old man with boogers in his teeth was licking the Icee machine, thus averting the immediate need for Icees.

I had yummy Cubby’s Pizza.

I got all meta and reflected on the good things I wrote about in my list, realizing that although none of them are individually amazing, their sum is actually quite a nice day.

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