Liveblogging! Playlist for “Sounds Like Radio” 4/18/10

The show is starting! This is the third edition of “Sounds Like Radio,” and today’s theme is “storytelling.” I’m really proud of this particular installment. You can listen online here… you can also send WSIU an e-mail about the show if you want.

Today’s show begins with Henry Kaiser, covering Daniel Pinkwater’s children book. I love this recording, it’s just so damned weird.

I’m back– I’m a bit behind in the liveblogging– I had to catch up on the playlist for the main page. It seems like each week is a little bit different in how the WSIU site reacts to my playlist, so I’m finagling with it still, getting it figured out. Right now, I’m listening to Joan LaBarbara, who is one of my absolute favorite artists. I wholeheartedly recommend the Lovely Music double-disc release “Voice Is the Original Instrument,” which has the “October Sky” track we’re listening to.

Now we’re starting the “Somewhere Songs” triptych. Listen close, there’s a lot of great detail in these songs– not only in the narrative, but the structure. So many things happening in the background! Besides, it’s not everyday that you get to hear a song mention scalar physics weaponry, ha!

It’s the second hour now. Starting with John Wanzel’s “Pears in Iowa,” which is a fairly humorous piece– I dig the bit about not wanting to live in Iowa as a vegetarian. Kim Cascone’s “The Language of Ghosts” is up now. This is from “Music For Dagger and Guitar,” which is a really fine album for Aural Terrains, although this particular track isn’t very representative of the remainder of the material on it. Sheesh, today’s show is kind of heavy, isn’t it? I didn’t notice how much this particular episode keeps winding these strange, paranoid, disturbing threads together– aliens, deception, death, war, the devil eating pretzels… It’s not always like this, I assure you! Next week is an episode all about strings, for real.

This track from “Now Eleanor’s Idea” fits in well… “Now Eleanor” begins demonstrating a miraculous ability to speak Spanish without previous knowledge of the language, in preparation for her upcoming role as something like a prophet. But first, she doles out advice on a call-in radio program.

I’m closing the show with Philip Blackburn’s “Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba.” This is actually five tracks from this limited-edition release for Innova Recordings– if you enjoy soundwalks, this is a good one! Don’t miss the “performers” section on the Innova page for this disc.

Henry Kaiser — Devil in the Drain
Ralph White — Buzzard and Rattlesnake Share a Meal of Honeycomb
Joan LaBarbara — October Music: Star Showers and Extraterrestrials
Blue Gene Tyranny — Somewhere in Arizona 1970
Blue Gene Tyranny — Somewhere in Search of Heaven, AD 999
Blue Gene Tyranny — Somewhere Inside the Red Circle
John Wanzel — Pears in Iowa (lucky you! John Wanzel is sharing the entirety of this disc free at his site. Enjoy!)
Kim Cascone – The Language of Ghosts
Edward Ruchalski – Truro
Robert Ashley — Now Eleanor’s Idea, Act III: Questions and Answers
Philip Blackburn — A Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba

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