Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/17/10

It’s a big weekend! With a bit of luck, you’re tuning in to hear the “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast… then you can start your Sunday with a special “storytelling” edition of “Sounds Like Radio,” catch a bit of sleep, and head out to the 2nd Annual Noise Summit in Carterville! I’m quite excited– it’s me all over the place, haha.

Jennifer Walshe — G.L.O.R.I.- (from “Nature Data,” on Interval Recordings)
Little Fyodor — That Was A Mistake (from “Peace is Boring” on Public Eyesore)
Little Fyodor — Open Up Your Heart (and Let the Sunshine In)
Little Fyodor — Death Sides Now
Loachfillet — Origins of the Two-Headed Spitting Cobra (from “Electric Pond: Solar Solution,” on Resipiscent)
George Lewis, Marina Rosenfeld –Linseed Flowers (from “Sour Mash” on Innova Recordings)
DR.OX — Toothrin (from “DR.OX” on Cycling ’74)  (and here’s an interview with member Natasha Barrett)
DR.OX — Myelin
Music From the Film — Crushface (from “Bit/Crushface” 7″ self-release)
Music From the Film — Preparing for the Vista Clearing (from “World War Tree”)
Music From the Film — Theme from World War Tree
Derek Higgins, Dino Felipe — Properties (from “D+D” on Public Eyesore)
Jennifer Walshe — Nature Data
Jennifer Walshe — (your name here) (excerpt)
Liz Allbee — Leisure Sport Overlords (from “Theseus vs.” on Resipiscent)
Liz Allbee — Cape Matapan
Liz Allbee — The Undersides
Marinos Koutsomichalis — Peripatetic (from “Peripatetic” on Agxivatein)
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Traces of Dust (from “Masaoka, Grusel, Nagai, Chen” on Resipiscent)
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Ligature (no.2)
Le Syndicat — Trepan – The Call of Cthulu (from “Timespace Losses” on Monochrome Vision)
le Syndicat — Dead Vulva
Le Syndicat — Eternite
Le Syndicat — Argument Total
BKPR — BKPR 1 (from “BKPR” on Autumn Abattoir, now defunct– new label for BKPR work, Seasonal Affect)

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/17/10”

  1. Little Fyodor Says:

    Hey, great show!! Thanks for including the Peace Is Boring selections!! The label is a good place to go for more info, but so is my own website,!! (oh and let’s not forget…)

    Thanks again!!!

  2. Karthik Kakarala Says:


    “It’s me all over the place, haha” sounds like how someone would stretch the sets of my birthday into a narrative about why I have as many music projects as I do.

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