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Happy International Noise Awareness Day!

April 28, 2010

I celebrated by breaking in my new ear buds with some Muslimgauze while mowing the lawn. Am I doing it wrong? How will you celebrate International Noise Awareness Day? Leave me a comment!

“Sounds Like Radio” coming up!

April 24, 2010

Don’t miss the 4th episode of “Sounds Like Radio,” coming up in about four and a half hours– you can hear it streaming live online from 3-5 a.m., CST this Sunday morning. This episode is part one of a “Strings” themed set, and has some really terrific music. Be sure to send a message to as well!

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/24/10

April 24, 2010

Today’s show is my first “vacation show” of the year– which means I’m completely off-format for this episode– I’ll be throwing records at the controls, and we’ll see what sticks!

Dick Hyman – Danke Schoen
Zapp and Roger — I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Tune Weavers — Happy Birthday Baby
The Jimi Hendrix Experience — Bold As Love
The Tubes — Cathy’s Clone
Cameo — Single Life
Buck Owens — Where Does the Good Times Go
Commodores — Three Times A Lady
Rasputin’s Stash — Dookey Shoe
The Amazing Spider-Man — The Bells of Doom!
Gary Numan — I Dream of Wires
Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams — Chapel of Love
Acker Bilk, Bent Fabric — Stranger on the Shore
David Bowie — Queen Bitch
Juan Torres — Sueno Imposible (w/ live poetry reading)
Mahalia Jackson — I’m On My Way
Mighty Sparrow — PAYE
Captain Skyy — Super Sporm
Mighty Sparrow — Sell the Pussy
Neil Young — Walk On
Neil Young — See the Sky About to Rain
Bootsy Collins — What’s WRONG Radio
Brian Eno — Becalmed
Jean Michel Jarre — Oxygene IV
David Bowie — Nature Boy
David Bowie — TVC15
JC Superstar — King Herod’s Song
Denise Williams — Free
Sugar Hill Gang — 8th Wonder
Arthur Brown — I Put A Spell On You
The Angels — The Glory of Love
Rick Wakeman — Jane Seymour
Yngwie Malmsteen — Far Beyond the Sun
George Jones — You Gotta Be My Baby
Joey Dee — Shout
Bob James — Take Me to the Mardi Gras
Lou Christie — The Gypsy Cried
The Allman Brothers — Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
Barry White — Come On In Love
Megadeth — Looking Down the Cross
Hank Snow — Tangled Mind
Rick James — U Bring the Freak Out
Beatles — Golden Slumbers
Stevie Wonder — To Shy To Say
Captain Sky — Bubble Gum (I Chewz You)
Yngwie Malmsteen — I Am A Viking
John Lennon — Mother

Happy Birthday, DaveX

April 23, 2010

I didn’t really realize that it was going to be my birthday until a few days ago– obviously, it kind of snuck up on me. I’ve apparently been too busy to do the usual gift-harassment, so I’ll be hitting everyone up extra hard next year. But I got something right this time around the sun, and I was smart enough to call it way back last December.

This is my year.

I’ve been working on my focus, and it’s paying off. I finally got around to knocking on WSIU’s door– and today I just finished producing my fifth episode of “Sounds Like Radio” for them. I started looking up venues and planning the Noise Summit way back in November, which was also a success. And hey, my lawn’s mowed and the kitchen floor got mopped. I didn’t have an adventure today (at least not yet) but I did have a number of small nice things happen…

“Happy Birthday” were the first two words I heard today.

I played “Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon” while eating Cheerios with the kids.

Miss Information bought me a morning Coke.

Johnny Cash and I went down in the Grand Canyon on a stubborn donkey.

I kidded a cashier about stealing nickels from the till.

I had a giggle in Production B after leaving the mic and monitors on for a voice-over, which made me sound like a Martian.

The Chairman told me that he admired my “passion for music.”

I got two nice birthday cards.

I danced around to John Henry’s theme music.

I convinced the Weasel that an old man with boogers in his teeth was licking the Icee machine, thus averting the immediate need for Icees.

I had yummy Cubby’s Pizza.

I got all meta and reflected on the good things I wrote about in my list, realizing that although none of them are individually amazing, their sum is actually quite a nice day.

2nd Annual Noise Summit– YOU MISSED OUT, SUCKAS

April 18, 2010

Noise Summit 2010 was a success! This year’s lineup included a lot of really cool stuff– hula hoops, contact mics, hammers, blenders, a theremin, an overgrown tuba, flying lens caps, exploding salt, and enough pedals to go Shirley Jackson on Bob Moog AND Ernie Ball.

I want to thank everyone who played, listened, or just helped me get in touch with the right people. Although absent from this year’s lineup, Nick helped me with phone numbers and contacting many people– and Karthik is the little bird who helps me remember names until they stick. Give these two a big “thanks” when you see them, and make their lives easier for next year by keeping in touch. As I said, we’re doing it again in 2011!

I’m going to be working to round up photos and video during this week. If you have any, share them with me! I’ll be more than happy to accept a complete dump of your memory card; no need to edit anything for me. Toss the whole mess on MediaFire or Dropbox, and I’ll share the best stuff here. Until then, enjoy these photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Hijack, Get Well”

April 18, 2010

(Note: The following text was originally written for the 6th volume of “High Carb Low Life,” a Carbondale zine, 50 special copies of which include a free CD. The CD, titled “Hijack, Get Well,” features local experimental music. “Hijack, Get Well” was also given away in a digital edition as a freebie for persons attending the 2nd Annual Noise Summit. For those of you have have somehow encountered this page without first obtaining a copy of your own– please get with the program, and download it before proceeding.

Although a full overview of experimental music in and around Southern Illinois is outside the scope of a single CD, this collage is representative of the tremendous variety of interesting and regionally unique sound experiments from the area. We begin with a loose ensemble of Nashville musicians at the direction of Tony Youngblood. His “Ore: Theatre Intangible” podcasts got their start here in Southern Illinois, carrying with them ideas we co-developed while hosting the original show together on student radio in the late 90’s. Some of our original taped samples used for those broadcasts appear as “chapter stops” throughout the CD, usually marking the beginning or end of a recording.

Alex Ryterski enters into the mix next, capturing a fractured soundwalk during a single night delivering pizzas in the area. My current broadcasts of experimental music on WDBX and WSIU both occur very late at night, but also serve as a central gathering point for odd music makers in Southern Illinois– and the Midwest isn’t a friendly place for walking. The combination of car culture, late nights, long distances, geographic separation, and the general lack of awareness about what we do makes for an interesting combination of shaping factors.

That’s Mystified in the third section, spinning out a lengthy drone set via the phone, linking his lonely sound to the lonely radio in the middle of the lonely night. Southern Illinois becomes like barely-connected points on a darkened map. Style City takes up where Mystified leaves off, interestingly enough, never having heard Mystified previously. I know– I’m Style City’s father. But there’s that Southern Illinois sound again; something pulsing, a feel of neverending-ness, like an ocean of grain or the stampede of traffic.

Another microcassette sample brings us around to an improvisation with myself and Karthik Kakarala, where small and unimportant sounds mingle without actually meeting, like so many well-meaning people.

Cover art:

Ore: Theatre Intangible — All Guitars (excerpt, complete recording features Tony Youngblood, Adam Louis, Anthony William Herndon, Ben Lowry, Brady Sharpe, Brey McCoy, Charlie Rauh, JJ Jones, and Will Floyd)
Alex Ryterski — Delivery 6pm-4am
Mystified — Live phone performance for WDBX-FM, 8/1/09
Style City — Droid (from the album “The Happening,” available free as a full download)
DaveX, Karthik Kakarala — Small Sounds Improvisation, WDBX-FM, 12/5/09

Noise Summit TODAY!

April 18, 2010

Don’t forget it! Get over to the Carterville Civic Center at noon– admission is free. Bring a flash drive, and I’ll fill it up with noise for you!

Liveblogging! Playlist for “Sounds Like Radio” 4/18/10

April 18, 2010

The show is starting! This is the third edition of “Sounds Like Radio,” and today’s theme is “storytelling.” I’m really proud of this particular installment. You can listen online here… you can also send WSIU an e-mail about the show if you want.

Today’s show begins with Henry Kaiser, covering Daniel Pinkwater’s children book. I love this recording, it’s just so damned weird.

I’m back– I’m a bit behind in the liveblogging– I had to catch up on the playlist for the main page. It seems like each week is a little bit different in how the WSIU site reacts to my playlist, so I’m finagling with it still, getting it figured out. Right now, I’m listening to Joan LaBarbara, who is one of my absolute favorite artists. I wholeheartedly recommend the Lovely Music double-disc release “Voice Is the Original Instrument,” which has the “October Sky” track we’re listening to.

Now we’re starting the “Somewhere Songs” triptych. Listen close, there’s a lot of great detail in these songs– not only in the narrative, but the structure. So many things happening in the background! Besides, it’s not everyday that you get to hear a song mention scalar physics weaponry, ha!

It’s the second hour now. Starting with John Wanzel’s “Pears in Iowa,” which is a fairly humorous piece– I dig the bit about not wanting to live in Iowa as a vegetarian. Kim Cascone’s “The Language of Ghosts” is up now. This is from “Music For Dagger and Guitar,” which is a really fine album for Aural Terrains, although this particular track isn’t very representative of the remainder of the material on it. Sheesh, today’s show is kind of heavy, isn’t it? I didn’t notice how much this particular episode keeps winding these strange, paranoid, disturbing threads together– aliens, deception, death, war, the devil eating pretzels… It’s not always like this, I assure you! Next week is an episode all about strings, for real.

This track from “Now Eleanor’s Idea” fits in well… “Now Eleanor” begins demonstrating a miraculous ability to speak Spanish without previous knowledge of the language, in preparation for her upcoming role as something like a prophet. But first, she doles out advice on a call-in radio program.

I’m closing the show with Philip Blackburn’s “Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba.” This is actually five tracks from this limited-edition release for Innova Recordings– if you enjoy soundwalks, this is a good one! Don’t miss the “performers” section on the Innova page for this disc.

Henry Kaiser — Devil in the Drain
Ralph White — Buzzard and Rattlesnake Share a Meal of Honeycomb
Joan LaBarbara — October Music: Star Showers and Extraterrestrials
Blue Gene Tyranny — Somewhere in Arizona 1970
Blue Gene Tyranny — Somewhere in Search of Heaven, AD 999
Blue Gene Tyranny — Somewhere Inside the Red Circle
John Wanzel — Pears in Iowa (lucky you! John Wanzel is sharing the entirety of this disc free at his site. Enjoy!)
Kim Cascone – The Language of Ghosts
Edward Ruchalski – Truro
Robert Ashley — Now Eleanor’s Idea, Act III: Questions and Answers
Philip Blackburn — A Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/17/10

April 17, 2010

It’s a big weekend! With a bit of luck, you’re tuning in to hear the “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast… then you can start your Sunday with a special “storytelling” edition of “Sounds Like Radio,” catch a bit of sleep, and head out to the 2nd Annual Noise Summit in Carterville! I’m quite excited– it’s me all over the place, haha.

Jennifer Walshe — G.L.O.R.I.- (from “Nature Data,” on Interval Recordings)
Little Fyodor — That Was A Mistake (from “Peace is Boring” on Public Eyesore)
Little Fyodor — Open Up Your Heart (and Let the Sunshine In)
Little Fyodor — Death Sides Now
Loachfillet — Origins of the Two-Headed Spitting Cobra (from “Electric Pond: Solar Solution,” on Resipiscent)
George Lewis, Marina Rosenfeld –Linseed Flowers (from “Sour Mash” on Innova Recordings)
DR.OX — Toothrin (from “DR.OX” on Cycling ’74)  (and here’s an interview with member Natasha Barrett)
DR.OX — Myelin
Music From the Film — Crushface (from “Bit/Crushface” 7″ self-release)
Music From the Film — Preparing for the Vista Clearing (from “World War Tree”)
Music From the Film — Theme from World War Tree
Derek Higgins, Dino Felipe — Properties (from “D+D” on Public Eyesore)
Jennifer Walshe — Nature Data
Jennifer Walshe — (your name here) (excerpt)
Liz Allbee — Leisure Sport Overlords (from “Theseus vs.” on Resipiscent)
Liz Allbee — Cape Matapan
Liz Allbee — The Undersides
Marinos Koutsomichalis — Peripatetic (from “Peripatetic” on Agxivatein)
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Traces of Dust (from “Masaoka, Grusel, Nagai, Chen” on Resipiscent)
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Ligature (no.2)
Le Syndicat — Trepan – The Call of Cthulu (from “Timespace Losses” on Monochrome Vision)
le Syndicat — Dead Vulva
Le Syndicat — Eternite
Le Syndicat — Argument Total
BKPR — BKPR 1 (from “BKPR” on Autumn Abattoir, now defunct– new label for BKPR work, Seasonal Affect)

2nd Annual Noise Summit Promo– please share it!

April 12, 2010

Liveblogging! Commentary for “Sounds Like Radio” 4/11/10

April 11, 2010

I’m joining you for today’s broadcast of “Sounds Like Radio,” on WSIU-FM. You can listen online, or locally on 91.9 FM.

You can reach WSIU’s listener line and leave a voice mail about the show by calling 618-453-8272. Go ahead and call– I want to hear what you have to say! You can also send WSIU an e-mail, which is just as good. You can also join me in chat!

The show just started. My vocals sounded a bit quiet. The music sounds great– this episode is solely comprised of netlabel works, so you can download everything you hear for free, legally. The current work is “Solid State,” by Greg Surges. This piece reminds me a lot of John Cage and Lejaren Hiller’s “HPSCHD,” actually. Oh! The vocals just improved a bit. This sounds a lot better. Now I’m playing Markus Jones’ “Send and Receive,” from Con-V. I love the ebb and flow of this recording; it’s a real favorite of mine.

I’m looking forward to hearing me pronounce the next cut. Did I get it right? Martin Back’s piece is available on the Modisti netlabel– lots of good stuff there.

Whew! Lots to do this morning. I neglected to get my playlist entered into the WSIU database, which is quite comprehensive. There’s start/end times, durations, etc… so timing is pretty important. It’s just about tapped out my meager mental resources this early in the morning, haha.

Hooray! I just got the playlist live on the site. That’s some quick typing, wow. Now I’m going to try getting this liveblog back on track. I’m listening to the last Martins Rokis/Kaspar Groshevs cut right now. This is some seriously unsettling stuff to be sitting around in the dark, listening to on headphones! Still, it sounds great. I also really enjoyed the Rafiev/Borisov track, probably even more than I dug it when I first heard it. I’m going to have to sit down with that full album sometime in the next couple days, now that my taste has been piqued again.

I just saw Tatsuya Nakatani a couple weeks back over at SIUC, during the Out of the Box Festival of avant-garde music. What a player! I’m glad I’d included this track from the Insubordinations netlabel, it was nice to be able to let him know that he was getting airplay down here.

I hope you enjoyed the show! I’m heading back to sleep now– good morning, good night!

Greg Surges — Solid State
Markus Jones — Send and Receive
Martin Back — Study for Diaphonus Transforms Melopsittacus Undulatus
Pau Torres — John Leo Crow, pt. 2
Pau Torres — John Leo Crow, pt. 3
Pau Torres — John Leo Crow, pt. 4
Pau Torres — John Leo Crow, pt. 5
Pau Torres — John Leo Crow, pt. 6
Zafka — Yonghe
Alexei Rafiev, Alexei Borisov — Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Martins Rokis, Kaspars Groshevs — 051509
Martins Rokis, Kaspars Groshevs — 062609
Claudia Bonarelli — Starfield Simulation Series 8, parts 2-4
Joel Grip, Christian Munthe, Tatsuya Nakatani — Tralfamadorian Tempus

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/10/10

April 10, 2010

It’s Spring Membership Drive here at WDBX! We’re aiming a bit higher than usual ($15K) to allow for the purchase and installation of a backup generator– something that would have been VERY useful during last year’s inland hurricane. We tried to get local government to help fund this last year, and their short-sightedness looked awfully silly when Southern Illinois was struggling after the storm; now it looks like we’re doing it ourselves.

At any rate, I’d appreciate if you called in a pledge during the show (618-457-3691) or donate online— be sure to mention “It’s Too Damn Early” is your favorite show!

Eckhard Gerdes, Shelf Life — Blues for Osiris (from “Scuff Mud“)
Liz Allbee — How Many Ships In This Fool? (from “Theseus Vs.,” on Resipiscent)
Liz Allbee — Drill Sergeant, Drunken Revolt
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Dialing (from “Masaoka, Chen, Grusel, Nagai” on Resipiscent)
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Fuse
Miya Masaoka, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagai, Audrey Chen — Ligatures
Music From the Film — Bit (Warp Mix) (from “Bit/Crushface”, self-released)
Chas Smith — Nakadai (from “Nakadai,” on Cold Blue Music)
Dane Rudhyar — Tetragram #8 “Primavera” (from “Paris X” on Innova and Furious Artisians)
Ron George — The Floating Bubble (from “The Floating Bubble” on Innova)
Kinetix — Gestaltsystem 01: Possible Forms (from double album of the same name, on Monochrome Vision, where both discs are put into play simultaneously)
Maurizio Bianchi — Zyklus (from “Zyklusters” on Lona Records)
James Duhamel — MIMIK (from “Cache 2007” compilation)

Print this, post it places

April 8, 2010

DaveX t-shirts

April 7, 2010

A friend of mine is making some “DaveX Sucks” t-shirts– basically the worst street team move ever, but officially sanctioned– and is amazed that you might want one as well. If you have an extra $25, why not shake Maslow’s pyramid up a bit and place your order!?

They have headphones on the front, and the aforementioned slogan on the reverse. At least I think so.

BTW, I’m not seeing a bit of the action on this. All proceeds go to supporting the “Single Mom Trying Not To Go Completely Broke But Still Have a Fun Life Fund”.

E-mail me your order today, or call if you’re in a big rush.

Did you notice?

April 6, 2010

I’m doing some housecleaning here at STARTLING MONIKER– in the right-hand column, I’ve included a dedicated link to each of my radio broadcasts under the “Pages” heading. You will find the most current playlist for each show here, as well as submissions information and show times. I’m also proudly sporting the brand-new “Sounds Like Radio” logo at its link. WSIU design assistant and former Cat In the Hat Melody Henkelmann’s update on my long-time mascot Malty sure looks great!

Liveblogging the “Sounds Like Radio” premiere!

April 4, 2010

Let’s get some basics out of the way:

1) I’m listening to “Sounds Like Radio” with you, and liveblogging about it here.

2) You can chat with me in real time. (update: this feature is now unavailable. Send me an e-mail instead!)

3) You can hear the show on WSIU-FM 91.9, or listen to the online stream.

4) You can reach WSIU’s listener line and leave a voice mail about the show by calling 618-453-8272. Your call may even be played on the air during an Audience Comment segment!

5) You can send WSIU an e-mail too.

So be involved! Now let’s get things going… I’m listening via FM, but I’m also going to keep the online stream going via wi-fi, just for kicks. Right now, it looks like they’re about 10-ish seconds off one another. OMG it’s me!!! I just announced myself to… myself. YAY!

Hmmm. There’s a bit of a disconnect here, from what I thought might happen, to what IS happening. First off, I spent a lot of time entering playlist information, with the idea that this would show up in real time on the WSIU site– but it seems that it just makes a big list, and displays the whole thing at once. In fact, it’s displaying half of the big list… so either I’ve done something dreadfully wrong, or this feature doesn’t work quite right. I don’t like having the whole playlist where someone can see it before it happens. Kinda kills the element of wonder, or of surprise.

I think my production could use a bit of fine-tuning as well. I don’t think I sounded as “live” as the program that ran before me. A bit muffled, maybe. We’ll have to see.

Yeah… it just sounds too quiet behind me during announcing. Quiet isn’t exactly the correct word. “Flat” might be better. The music sounds fine, so perhaps I’m not recording the vocal bits as accurately as possible. It’s David Watson right now, btw– from “Fingering An Idea,” on XI Records. Really good stuff. I actually opened the program with Rune Lindblad’s “Evening,” from the “Death of the Moon” album on Pogus Productions. They’re one of my long-time favorite labels– not only does Pogus have really wonderful releases, but it was one of the first to really get behind my “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts and send some phenomenal promos. As a broadcaster in Southern Illinois, far off the usual avant-garde centers, that sort of support means a lot to me. Rune Lindblad also happens to be a tremendously interesting person, with similarly intriguing music– I couldn’t think of anything better with which to kick off the first episode of “Sounds Like Radio.”

BTW, I’m actually quite happy. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to pick my own program to pieces. Otherwise, how will it get better?

Right now, I’m playing from “Where We Were, Shadows of Liverpool.” Sounds great– so much the same/different listening in this manner. I’m still wrapping my head around it.

I dig how the sound just changed tonal qualities in this cut. Amazing stuff. I hope everyone listening is enjoying this as well. Aha– just changed over to Tom Nunn and David Michalak’s skatchit recordings. Sounds really good. There are some really terrific videos of them playing, actually– part of the “Rigs” series on YouTube.

Okaaaay. I knew there were going to be a couple spots during the break from hour 1 to hour 2 in the show– but Ann Richards just threw me off. That was a bit disconcerting. Louis Dufort is on now– this is where things get a lot more unusual. This is a great album, btw. I’m really happy to have another outlet for electroacoustic music recordings, so I’m definitely going to be playing a lot more things along this line on “Sounds Like Radio.” I particularly enjoy the mellow woodwinds and bells in this track. It’s unexpected, but totally works.

Well, I checked… the playlist updated to show the second hour’s worth of music. So at least it’s all there. Still, I don’t like it showing up ahead of time. My fear is that people will sort of “go shopping” on it, and try to guess whether they will/won’t like something. It would be better if this was updated in real-time. “Sweet Cuts, Distant Curves” from the Balloon & Needle label is playing right now. This was another no-brainer for me to include on the first show. It’s absolutely audacious stuff, and terrifically well-recorded. Wow, this sounds great. Very, very minimal right now. Almost like someone is playing with my headphone cable (which is pretty long right now!)

Double hmm. I think there’s actually a bit of fan hum in the background of the vocal parts. I need to fix this, it’s driving me nuts. Will anyone else care? I don’t know! Right now, we’re listening to Judy Dunaway and Tom Chiu, from “Mother of Balloon Music.” This is another one of those albums that I just knew would make it on the first episode. I’d love to hear her play this with Mike Khoury sometime– I think that would be just about perfect.

I’m still pretty interested in hearing my own show. Granted, I’ll never really hear one of my live shows, but this is pretty close. It will never sound this way again, so it’s nice to catch it while I can. Obviously, I’ve listened to the recording of this premiere more than a couple times now– but somehow, the broadcast transforms it… like watching a dancer rehearse versus seeing the stage show. The elements are the same, but the experience is transformative.

Oh my. Just one more track to go. This is from Annea Lockwood’s “A Sound Map of the Danube.” Not only is this one of my most treasured recordings, but it’s from Lovely Music as well, a really fine label that listeners just can’t go wrong with. There’s a little animal of some sort that makes noises during the woman’s interview– I’m not sure what it is, but the sounds are fascinating– like an underwater cat. Maybe a more wildlife-oriented listeners can figure out what it is.

Nearly finished now. This is a great way to end the broadcast… a little like Charles Kuralt’s “Sunday Morning” nature segment. I used to pay a lot of attention to those segments as a kid; I always knew that they’d be important to me later on. Now I can hear why.

The show just ended. I have a couple things to improve upon, but I’m 98% happy with how things went. I think the flow of the music worked well, and the overall sound quality of the music worked well too. I’ve been very happy to see so many online listeners– thanks for making “Sounds Like Radio” part of your day!

“Sounds Like Radio” debut this Sunday!

April 3, 2010

This Sunday April 4th, from 3-5am CST on WSIU-FM, is the debut of my new show, “Sounds Like Radio”.

I’ve never gotten to listen to one of my own shows on radio before, so I’ll be liveblogging the whole thing here at Startling Moniker.

Be sure to tune in at WSIU’s live stream! Also, send me some mail–I want to know what you think about the show! –DaveX

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/3/10

April 3, 2010

It’s hot as heck in the studio this morning– apparently, our transmitter is doing that “rushing” thing again, where it speeds up and starts kicking out a lot of heat for no apparent reason. I remembered how to reset it, but the station was already feeling like a lizard sauna by the time I got here.

Today’s show has been a lot of fun, and I appreciate all the nice calls. I hope that everyone will tune in to WSIU 91.9 FM tomorrow for the debut of my new experimental music program, “Sounds Like Radio.” It’s airing from 3-5am, CST, this Sunday, April 4th. Don’t miss it– and don’t forget to write in to WSIU to remind them that you’re listening!

Erik Belgum, Inertia Ensemble — Monologues (from “Blodder,” on Innova)
Mudboy — The Martian Time Slip (from “Impossible Duets,” with Philip K. Dick, on Hundebiss)
Erik Belgum, Inertia Ensemble — The Idea of Permeability
Mudboy — Eno and I (with Brian Eno, also from “Impossible Duets”)
Skozey Fetisch — Sparky Decks (from “Spectral Freight” on Crippled Intellect)
Skozey Fetisch — Slip Frenzy
Skozey Fetisch — Seas Freeze
Skozey Fetisch — Solar Fibrillation
Art Jerks – Like Things (from self-titled release)
Pendulum — Dymaxion (from self-titled release on Medusa Critical Publications)
Pendulum — R Hydrae 1
Live review of Zach Gage’s “Pond Synth Lite” iPhone/iTouch app
Juan Pablo Caceres — La Cuerda (from “Orquesta”, on Garrapata Discos)
Juan Pablo Caceres — Lo Gaseoso
Juan Pablo Caceres — La Multiplicidad
Juan Pablo Caceres — Lo Metalico
RRR, Fe-Mail & Friends — Call Me (from “Call Me” on RRRecords)
David Rosenboom — Portable Gold and Philosophers’ Stones (from “Invisible Gold,” on Pogus)

First flyer for “Sounds Like Radio”

April 1, 2010

I love the new WSIU flyers! Rachel Snow took my photo– I was goofing around, pretending that I was being attacked by microphones. Reprint, and enjoy!