Required reading, vol. 8

The Daily Egyptian (the campus newspaper of Southern Illinois University) has an article about “Sounds Like Radio” in today’s edition. Knowing that you’re all enthusiasts of student journalism, I’ve included this handy link so you can go read it right now. Please resist the urge to correct any definitions of noise– this isn’t the Troniks forum. On the other hand, check out the awesome photo! Feel free to leave your lecherous remarks regarding my rugged good looks in the comments section. Or, try to guess which CDs I’ve got in front of me on the board. I’ll mail a CD to whoever manages to guess ONE correct album first.

2 Responses to “Required reading, vol. 8”

  1. ajones Says:

    don’t be offended…i burned your photo tonight in my fireplace. You made great kindling. sounded great too. sorry I didn’t capture if for you…sound of dave, printed in tree based paper product, burned by tree based combustible material for habitual warmth – opus #13.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    That’s actually kinda cool. Glad I could help out!

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