Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/13/10

I made it into the station a little bit early today, just in time to interrupt some sort of Justin Timberlake madness in the CD player. Yikes. I’ve got a whole lot of good music with me this morning, so I know this will be a great show. Karthik Kakarala is my phone-in guest, live from Texas. He’s been attending the cool kids prom at NX35, so I’ve done my best to convince him to duct tape a cell phone to a guitar and have at it. We’ll see how that goes.

Other big news? My new show, “Sounds Like Radio” kicks off on April 4th, from 3-5 a.m., CST. I’ll definitely be posting more about this as the day gets closer– but for now, I’m just going to hammer it in a little at a time.

Eckhard Gerdes, Shelf Life — Blues For Osiris (from “Scuff Mud“)
Joe Foster, Hong Chulki, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Ryu Hankil — Oscillation, Vacillation (from Balloon & Needle release of the same name)
Gary Verkade, Kenneth Gaburo — Antiphony X (Winded) [from “Winded,” on Innova)
Eckhard Gerdes, Shelf Life — Z. Buzz
Karthik Kakarala — LIVE phone-in performance for WDBX-FM, 3/13/10
Ralph White & The Hora Flora Sound System — Wildflower Face, Insect Eyes (from self-titled album on Resipiscent)
John von Seggern — Hyper Erhu (this, and next two selections, taken from “Sonic Circuits VIII,” on Innova)
Antun Blazinovic — Elements
David Jaggard — Mary & Ann
Rodrigo Costanzo — I Am Your Density, Section 2 (from “I Am Your Density,” on The Noise Upstairs Records)

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/13/10”

  1. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    Well, I might have come up with a more context-laden idea… you might be disappointed that I didn’t have at it that way, but that can happen another time (acoustic guitars will still exist!).

    …Time to scuttle back outside.

  2. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    Weelll even if my “duet” “partner” couldn’t be distinguished as well through the phone, it’s still at least true that she (I have decided the town’s gender. Reassignment surgery can occur later, if need be) had her effect on what I was doing. ¡Thanks for the opportunity!

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