“Sounds Like Radio” launches April 4th!

“Sounds Like Radio,” my brand-new broadcast of experimental and avant-garde music for WSIU, will debut April 4th from 3-5 a.m.

I know you’re not doing anything important on Sunday morning, so why not get up a bit early and enjoy the show? WSIU is at 91.9 FM, or you can listen to me live online!

Incidentally, this means the show will share a birthday with Tristan Tzara! (And for those who don’t already know, “It’s Too Damn Early” shares a birthday with Alan Lomax and Philip Glass…)

4 Responses to ““Sounds Like Radio” launches April 4th!”

  1. Tony Youngblood Says:

    Yay! Why so late though?

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    “Because night time / is the right time / to be with the one you love”

  3. Harvey Colwell Says:

    Will your show be available for latter listening, ala pod cast or MP3 download?

  4. startlingmoniker Says:

    Not yet, but I’m hoping to produce a series of “bonus” podcasts that will feature live recordings of experimental performers recorded specifically for “Sounds Like Radio.”

    Besides, staying up late is fun, Harvey!

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