I just can’t let this go– yes, I’m obsessive.

Okay, so I mentioned in my earlier blog post that the cover photo used on today’s Flipside music insert for the The Southern was somewhat strange, resembling something like broadcasting in Hell. Then I tracked down what I figured was the original source photo– but now things aren’t so clear! I’ve done some searching, and found that this particular photo has gotten more than a little use around the net, so I’m wondering… where did it come from originally? Who created it? Why are so many people claiming a copyright on this image? What about the ethics or legality involved in its use?

Here’s what I’ve found:

First off, this is the photo used on the cover of the Flipside. That’s my big head obscuring the photo in question, of a mic and headphones, most likely emanating a terrible feedback which is blasting from the speaker array in the background. Hence, the yellow “flames.” When you’re through checking these photos out, click it and go read the interview!

Then I found this version, in green:

Browsing through Flikr, I found many users claiming copyright on this image. Here’s the same image, “copyrighted” at the accounts of merthylo, richepstein, gusroman1985, and israely13 . It seems that someone is lying.

I also found some other versions of the photo. Here it is in black and white, taken from the Revolution Studio website in St. Croix:

And here it is without the added blur, against the same speaker backdrop, minus the soundwave “flames”. I found this on the Flickr account of user Niko_warning.

And finally, here’s the same microphone and headphone photo, minus all other elements. Could this be the original? I found it on the Flickr account of user azie2010.

And let’s not forget the crowning glory of this microphone and headphones extravaganza– a frakkin’ mural, no shit. Flickr user Surat Lozowick says this mural is located in Prescott, Arizona near an Auto Glass store:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a microphone and headphones overload. Clearly, there’s some ethical issues with so many people representing this image as their own work, not to mention the obvious failure of attribution occurring. What are your thoughts?

4 Responses to “I just can’t let this go– yes, I’m obsessive.”

  1. em Says:

    This is obviously a stock image. The source seems to be user UPimages on fotolia.com


  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    The source, hooray!

  3. Tony Youngblood Says:

    The Boss wants you to let this one go. You’re getting too deep in a puddle too big. Keep diving looking for answers and you might drown. Here’s a bus ticket, courtesy of the Boss. Get in the car. We’re taking you to the bus station.

  4. Chris Combs Says:

    It was on iStock at one point as image #2308057. But it’s been pulled now, possibly because it was a copyright infringement:

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