An interview with DaveX!

Here’s an interview that ran on the front page of my local regional newspaper, The Southern, as part of their weekly entertainment section. Clicking the photo below– which I think makes me look a bit like an angry man broadcasting from somewhere in Hell– will take you directly to the article. Clicking on this link will take you directly to a terrifying original snapshot of Hell itself, which is apparently green. Curiously, it’s also in the first page of images for “microphone” found at Google.

4 Responses to “An interview with DaveX!”

  1. Tony Youngblood Says:

    Burn! Burn in waveform hell! Microphone/Headphone Robot-Master and Miniature Jim Stafford will torture you for eternity!

  2. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    This picture (apart from the controversy of the backdrop) screams “Look, dear! Our little boy’s ALL GROWN UP!”).

  3. Alexander Says:

    That interface was awful. I’m lucky I even got to read that, but then again, I can relate to the dentist story. Four wisdom teeth and I’ll never forget the sound of someone cracking walnuts and plunging a toilet at the same time.

  4. Glenn Weyant Says:

    loved the story was bookended with the tooth pull. if you ever do a third show i’d like suggest one that broadcasts non-cochlear sonic signal which are received directly in the bone, bypassing the need for a receiving radio. everyone in carbondale and beyond will be your audience. think of the market share…

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