Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/27/10

Today’s phone-in guest is Ironing, back for a second bite at the apple. You’ll have to make sure you’re tuned in– he might take us all out for waffles again! If you’re hungry now, go check out these videos.

Speaking of eating, I gotta thank Chaos Kit for this yummy pizza!

Matt Davignon — Mesonychoteuthis (from “Living Things” on Edgetone)
Matt Davignon — Markhor
Shelf Life — Morning Parlance (from “Courtesy,” on Psychic Oscillator)
Shelf Life — Afternoon Parlance
Shelf Life — Evening Parlance
David Morneau — Salutation (from “a/break machinations”)
David Morneau — Transformation
Ironing — LIVE phone-in performance, WDBX-FM, 2/27/10
Louis Dufort — Materio_*

Now that you’re done listening to “ITDE,” why don’t you go check out Ironing’s radio show “The Sum of Your Life?”

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