Pre-production, 1st day

Tomorrow, I’m scheduled to begin production on the first broadcast of my new radio show for WSIU-FM… which means that I spent a good amount of time today planning and shaping what that broadcast will be. Although I consider myself fairly talented at putting a radio show together, the live broadcasts I do in WDBX’s relatively free format are rather different than what I’m finding is required of me at WSIU– in short, I’m working on the same goal, but from different angles and with a different set of skills.

Luckily, I’m well-acquainted with my music library. Timing a show exactly– on paper– is a lot different than mixing CDs live to get the desired time, and I had to fuss a lot with my selections to make things fit. I also decided to take advantage of WSIU’s production facilities, and bring all my selections in on a thumb drive– I’ll still have the same sound quality, but I can work directly with the files in a sound editing program rather than record them in real-time. I’m hoping this cuts down on the time necessary to construct a two-hour show; I have to get three broadcasts complete before I can bring the show on-air.

This, in itself is rather strange. I’m broadcasting at a distance; I imagine this is how theater actors experience television work– even though I’m often alone in the Hi-Life Room at WDBX, I don’t find it hard to imagine my audience. The aural ambiance outside my door, the passing cars, the occasional phone call; they all combine somehow to give me a mental connection to my listeners. But here at my kitchen table, it’s more difficult to achieve this sensation, so I’ll have to work on building a new one.

I’m going to try to remember to take some photos tomorrow, so I can introduce you all to the studio. Wish me luck!

2 Responses to “Pre-production, 1st day”

  1. Tony Youngblood Says:

    Good luck! Have you come up with a name yet?

    You make your setlist at the kitchen table but record your breaks at the station, correct?

    When I did ORE at WRVU, I composed my setlist as a playlist in Itunes and then burned it to two cd’s. That way, I only needed to carry two cd-r’s to the station, which I’d promptly toss when the show was over. I still did my breaks live though.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    I do have a name for the show, but I’m keeping it secret for now. As for the pre-production setup, I’m basically writing my voice breaks and setlist here, and then bringing in digital copies of my music. The sound quality is the same, but I don’t have to work in real time. WSIU has a server for all of our cuts, so these have to be entered in and saved in a couple places, along with the vocal cuts, and then I can mix the show digitally and save it. I could do the entire show there, but I’m having fun exploring a different method for now and seeing how it works out for me.

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