Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/20/10

The studio was unoccupied again today when I arrived. Unfortunately, the “emergency” disc of music timed out a few minutes before I made it in the door. Ah… dead air.

This week, I’m really excited about being able to play Asmus Tietchens’ “Daseinsverfehlung,” and Freiband’s “Replicas,” which is inspired by (and sourced from) the former. I got the Freiband disc from the amazing Monochrome Vision label, along with a bunch of other good stuff I’ll be sharing with you during the next few weeks.

I also have some REALLY HUGE news that I’m going to be sharing on Monday– but if you’re impatient, you can always send me an e-mail and ask about it…

Eddie the Rat — Sunny’s Up All Night
Eddie the Rat — Freak Out & Die
Eddie the Rat — Cough Up the Life Units
Eddie the Rat — Lip-syncing at Zero Gravity
Asmus Tietchens — Freiband III (from “Daseinsverfehlung,” on Stille Andacht)
Asmus Tietchens — Freiband VI
Asmus Tietchens — Freiband VIa
Asmus Tietchens — Freiband X
Freiband — Re-III (from “Replicas,” on Monochrome Vision)
Freiband — Re-VI
Freiband — Re-VIa
Freiband — Re-X
PBK, Telepherique — Twilight Cue (from “Noise-Ambient Connection,” on Monochrome Vision)
PBK, Telepherique — Radical Pair
PBK, Telepherique — Ecosystem Interrupt
Univers Zero — Warrior (from “Clivages,” on Cuneiform)
Larval — One Day I Just Kept On Walking (from “Obedience,” on Cuneiform)
David Watson — 1 (from “Fingering an Idea,” Sinister disc, on XI Records)
David Watson — 2
David Watson — 3
Conrad Schnitzler — DictaCon (excerpt)
Ross Bolleter — Unfinished Business
Ross Bolleter — Under Rookwood

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