Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/6/10

I’m playing fine examples of improvisational and ensemble works today, and needless to say, I’m really stoked about all the music I’m presenting. I’ve also got a bit of homework for my readers– suggest a book about sound for me! I’m self-directing a sound studies course for myself, so keep that framework in mind.

Volvox — Touched By A Mouth That’s Wrong
Volvox — Cardboard Cupboard
Phil Hargreaves, Glenn Weyant — Do Not Sing
Phil Hargreaves, Glenn Weyant — A Door Is Open
Phil Hargreaves, Glenn Weyant — Force of Circumstance
Big City Orchestra — Mantra (previously unreleased track from “White Fungus, Issue 11” zine compilation CD)
Shelf Life — tkcrdsuow
Shelf Life — cuswodkrt
Shelf Life — wkuctdrso
New Haven Improvisers Collective — Roger and Out
New Haven Improvisers Collective — BCS Triac
Keith Jarrett — Rotation
Ratchet Orchestra — Love On A Faraway Planet (from “Live at the Sala Rosa, November 28, 2007”)
Thuja — Pine Cone Temples
Anla Courtis, Seiichi Yamamoto, Yoshimi — Untitled 4 (from Public Eyesore release, “Live at Kanadian“)
id M Theft Able — v ide touch ess?
id M Theft Able — Split Angels (in tow no tow)
id M Theft Able — ovum crude (lasers out)
if, Bwana — Connecticut
Matt DavignonMesonychoteuthis

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