Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/30/10

I nearly had to arrive at the station by sleigh this morning– Southern Illinois is having a bit of a blizzard right now. Naturally, the station was empty when I arrived; I don’t think other people are quite as nuts as I am to drive in this yuck. Fortunately for you, staying at home near the radio is all that I require.

For today’s broadcast, I’ll be playing some of the winning entries from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s annual Jeu de Temps/Times Play competition for young and emerging Canadian sound artists. This year, a partnership with Germany’s national electroacoustic association DEGEM brings German electroacoustic works into the scope of this program as well. I’ll be speaking with three of the winning composers, so you’ll want to stick around! Here’s the lineup:

Florian Hartlieb, “Im Vorderen Zimmer des hinteren Raums” ~ 5am
Nicolas Wiese, ~ “Vertikalzeit”  5:30am
Yota Kobayashi, “Kakusei” ~ 6am

Nicolas Wiese reminded me of the upcoming “re(((Sound)))” exhibition at the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery in St. Louis, where he will have a piece in the installation. Ghost Ice fans will also want to check this out– an opportunity for a rare sighting in the wild. The opening reception will be held this Friday, from 6-8 p.m.

M/N/M/L — Breath (this, and next four tracks, taken from “Serge Modular Users 2009”)
CRAY (Ross Healy) — STRK
John DuVal — Distress Call
Benge — 1972 Serge Modular, from Twenty Systems
kkonkkrete — Untitled 1
Olivier GirouardSuite_04
Florian HartliebIm Vorderen Zimmer des hinteren Raums
Interview with Florian Hartlieb, WDBX-FM 1/30/10
Nicolas WieseVertikalzeit
Interview with Nicolas Wiese, WDBX-FM 1/30/10
Yota KobayashiKakusei
Yota Kobayashi — Tensho
Steve Lalonde — Quand la nuit se referme

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