Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/9/10

Today, I’m excited to be having Peter Martin (Eddie the Rat) performing a live phone-in set. As always, I also have a lot of great music to share, so I’m pretty well just jumping straight into it. Last week’s show DID manage to record via the webstream, so I’m going to see if that success can be duplicated this week– cross your fingers!

Hmm. Well, I’m not certain what happened to Peter Martin’s phone-in this week– for now, let’s just hope he’s okay, and work on re-scheduling. Next week, Eric Leonardson is on the calendar, so hold tight until then! I hope you enjoyed this week’s broadcast. Take care! –DaveX

Update: Kids Kamp host Mama C wasn’t able to be in-studio this week, so I was instructed to put the WDBX “emergency” programming on before heading out after my show. (Covering it was also an option, but I’ve only had a couple hours sleep.) I decided to leave a long playlist on the station’s PC, opting to program something more DaveX-approved instead. Musica Elettronica Viva, John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra, and Jamie Drouin kept me good company on my drive home, and it was also pretty fun getting to hear my own show from the listener’s seat for once!

Update 2: Peter Martin is recovering after an accident involving chlorine gas. We are currently working to re-schedule his phone-in set.

Larry Kucharz — 1990 No. 4
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 7, opus455
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 1, opus 441
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 25, opus 473
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 23, opus 471
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 18, opus 463
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 9, opus 464
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 11, opus 466
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 16, opus 461
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 8, opus 456 “Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser”
Thanos Chrysakis, James O’ Sullivan, Dario Bernal Villegas, Jerry Wigens — Distant Cascade
Eddie the Rat — Mu (Unask the Question)
Eddie the Rat — Dim
Eddie the Rat — There’s No Such Place As Outer Space
Tristan Perich — qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqq (Live at Issue Project Room, 3/18/09)
Sonic Anta — Wood
Style City — Droid (free release– download it here)
Bury My Heart — Skull Death Dive
Eddie the Rat — Once Around the Butterfly Bush
Various — “Imperfect Silence, pt.1” from Cadavre Esquis Compilation One
Skozey Fetisch — Exploitable Rift
Skozey Fetisch –Ergo-a-Spin
Skozey Fetisch — Metastatic Alternative #1
Skozey Fetisch — Face Rub as Objective Convex Device
David Bowie, Brian Eno — Neukoln (excerpt, homemade lock groove)
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 4, opus 445
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 21, opus 469
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 13, opus 458
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 20, opus 468
Frank Rothkamm — Zahra Fugue 26, opus 474
Jamie Drouin — Live, October 7, 2009 at La Société de Curiosités, Paris
Musica Elettronica Viva — SpaceCraft
Musica Elettronica Viva — Stop the War
John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra — Meridian
John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra — Rising Sign
John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra — Spirit Writing

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