Liveblogging! Playlist for “ITDE” 12/19/09

I’ll be taking next week off, for Xmas purposes, so today’s broadcast is my last for 2009. I’ll see you next in 2010, the year we make contact. I’ve already got some guests set up– before all the good spots are gone, why don’t you get in touch? Have whatever happy holiday you celebrate, be safe, and take care– DaveX

Aperiodic — Air Below Mountains
Aperiodic — Louder
Oubliette — Amon Hen (from split tape w/ Tol Brandir)
If, Bwana — Men Age At 3 (from Zelphabet, volume “I”)
Matt Weston — I Just Saw Fog and Dust
Matt Weston — This October, All Octobers
Pierre Schaeffer — Etude aux Chemins de Fer
Climax Golden Twins — A Length of Stovepipe
Climax Golden Twins — Untitled, from Testing Ground 3″ release
Wether — Selective Reasoning (from Hymns Label release “Skin Atonement”)
Wether — Silver Flood
Wether — Torrid
Wether — Anticipate the Genesis
Jim Sangtae — Extention
Tim Reed — The Point (from Lonely Whistle Music release “Selected Electroacoustic Works”)
Don Campau — Don’t Dick With My Dictaphone (all tracks marked * from Hal McGee’s “Dictaphonia 5” microcassette compilation)
Ian Watson — Untitled*
Otolathe — Tannenberg 1410*
William Wesley & The Tiny Sockets — If Something Comes Up With the Fuzz, I Ain’t Got No Buzz*
Rajun Cajun — Untitled*
Ironing — Alachua*
Heffalump Trap — Bird terrorism crashes plane*
Ceramic Hobs — Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot*
Mi.T.-CON — Micro-Jam*
Charles Rice Goff III — Take A Letter*
Sonic Disorder — Untitled*
Halaka — Grocery, Singer, Girl
Halaka — A Man’s Head on Fire, Through the Trees
Halaka — A Lot of Colorful Balloons
Ryonkt — Sunlight & Water, pt. 4

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