WDBX History, pt.1

I did a little recycling this morning, and claimed a large stack of WDBX volunteer questionnaires from the rubbish bin. Although I’ve no doubt that these were taking up valuable office space, I couldn’t help but wonder what historical interest they might contain. I’ve decided to create a recurring feature here at STARTLING MONIKER to feature some of the strange, funny, and interesting things that pop up as I sift through the pile. I’ll do my best to redact personal contact information, but this may or may not include names. I have also chosen to redact the optional demographic information, a section that appears on some older forms.

I’ll kick things off with a weird one– did WDBX dodge a bullet here? Did we once willingly broadcast a two-hour Wyndham Hill show, interspersed with “cheapskate tips,” Broadway musicals, nursing home oral histories, and a call-in swap meet for stay-at-home moms?! Rounding out this utterly bizarre pitch is the applicant’s skill set, which I have circled in red. I hope my readers can help me with determining if this show existed outside of my nightmares! (click image to embiggen)

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