Reviews for 12/9/09

Renato Rinaldi – “We Shall Overtone” – Last Visible Dog

You may recall that I really liked Rinaldi’s “Hoarse Frenzy” ( if you were listening to me back in 2005) and since I missed “Oreledigneur” on the Bowindo label, you’d guess correctly that I was a bit keyed-up at popping this one in the stereo. I took my usual place at the kitchen sink, and fell into the rhythm of work, cheerfully expecting another trip to the back porch with Rinaldi. This is the point in the review where I’m picturing Rinaldi laughing at me; he knows where this setup is going. Let’s just say that somewhere in the middle of the fourth untitled track, following a series of lovely guitar and organ figures and some brass that wouldn’t be out of place in a good spaghetti western, Rinaldi takes things right off the drone-y rails into something totally unexpected. Harsh electronic noise, bursts of overdriven wailings, distorted voices chanting Italian poetry amidst playfully improvised guitar… This is one of those experiments that could have done dreadfully wrong, but miraculously works. LVD fans should note that “We Shall Overtone” is an oddity among other offerings from the label, but hopefully not for long.

Chefkirk & Ironing – “Notorious” – Hymns

Andrew Chadwick’s Hymns label is something of a staple ingredient for my broadcasts; his microcassette work and general enthusiasm for cut-up radio bacchanalia is always a joy to hear. This time around Ironing’s tapes get some no-input mixer and sampler material from Chefkirk to co-exist with, a combination that reminds me of Hollydrift’s radio/electronic drone experiments, but with less of a dark mood. The partnership also allows both a bit more ability to explore more nuanced sounds, from barely-there high end tones to drawn-out tape washes. Fans of Grundik Kasyansky’s “Light and Roundchair” will definitely dig this disc as well– although “Notorious” approaches these sounds from a very different angle, it is fascinating to see convergent ideas emerge.

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    […] more of it later on for sure. Right now, I’m knee-deep in Rinaldi’s very strange “We Shall Overtone,” out on Last Visible Dog. I’m DJing without a net on this one, seeing if I can get from point […]

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