Reviews for 12/4/09

Tom Nunn and David Michalak – “T.D. Skatchit & Company” – Edgetone Records

Nunn and Michalak form the core duo for this remarkable series of improvisational pieces featuring Nunn’s latest soundmaker– the Skatchbox, which basically amounts to the world’s first cardboard synthesizer at this pair’s more-than-capable hands. I don’t doubt that these two could carry the disc on their own, but happily, they invite some friends along. I particularly enjoyed Aurora’s guest vox (she apparently being of the mono-monikered people of Cher Town) on “Gargoyle,” where alarmingly videogame-like Skatchbox sounds burble alongside the sing-song of what I’ll describe as Littlest Pet Shop jacuzzi erotica. Everything I’ve heard from Nunn so far has been pure genius; but this album is his best yet. Pick it up and hear why I’ve been letting all my electronics languish in the garage!

Noertker’s Moxie – “druidh lacunae” – Edgetone Records

A nice collection of quartet and quintet semi-improvised pieces featuring Bill Noertker on contrabass. Not the sort of thing I’d personally consider essential, but I’m qualifying that by adding that my jazz background is rather slim. But, for every piece like “L’Elephant Blanc” that was a bit too in the groove to capture my interest, there tended to be another– “Whirligig,” for instance– that pulled me back. The repeated theme of “What the Water Gave Me” is also quite pleasant, and wouldn’t feel too out-of-place on the next disc, either…

Eddie the Rat – “Food for the Moon Too Soon” – Edgetone Records

I’ve actually had a work copy of this one for nearly a year, but I’m still finding new life in it with every play. Hard to believe that an album this utterly luxuriant was recorded in a public access television space! Blessedly weird, cyclical structures form sort of a rib cage which the ensemble populates with all the usual biological ephemera– drunken chimes, ringing guitar… it’s the land of forms, as brought to you by the nightmare circus metaphor division. As odd as “Food for the Moon Too Soon” can be, I still find a positive (and sizable) listener response every time I’ve played it on my show. Recommended, especially for persons who need to wring a lot of listens from a single purchase.

Go-Go Fightmaster – “Sound 1” – Edgetone Records

Here’s one I just can’t seem to get into. I think the problem is the inclusion of a bit too much all-purpose free jazz skronk in the mix, even if it is usually doled out in miniature half-minute tracks scattered across the disc. At other times, a martial linearity gets me down. If “The Cosmic Cogitator” reminds you of anything but some of Tolkein’s Uruk-Hai marching off to war, I’d be surprised.

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