Reviews for 12/3/09

Craig Colorusso – “Strap Parts” – Mudd Industries

10″ white vinyl, with a unique twist on the whole A-side/B-side thing– both sides start more or less the same, but end up in dissimilar places. Colorusso cites “different needs” as his reason, but the “choose your own adventure” aspect of the outcome is enough reason for me, not to mention an interesting glimpse into his artistic inner workings. Recommended for multiple listening sessions, especially with a nice stereo to take advantage of this very lovely, warm recording.

Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jeff Arnal – “Brooklyn Mantra” – Generate Records

7″ 33rpm on colored vinyl, available through Arnal’s own Generate Records label. Arnal provides rich– but not overly busy– percussion, and Diaz-Infante sends out wave after wave of enveloping 12-string pulses. This is one hell of a mood-setting record, so flipping it is a bit of a drag. But then again, there aren’t too many seven-inchers I’ve been this fond of playing over and over, either. Although I technically heard this duo as part of the Focus Quintet (on Sachimay Records release “1-8 in 1”) I suppose my ears had been a bit lazy. “Brooklyn Mantra” re-introduced me to Arnal’s well-placed percussion textures, and has given me a good reason to look him up in a large number of other recordings.

Eyes Like Saucers – “Parmalee, Tribute to a Dog” – Ruralfaune/Ikuisuus

I really enjoyed Eyes Like Saucers’ previous release, “Still Living in the Desert,” so I’m pleased to have a chance to hear where else Jeffrey K. will take this project. As with the aforementioned album, it is the wandering nature of these songs that appeals most to me– no obvious thematic concern or dramatic arc has me looking too far into the future, so it’s much easier to stay in the moment, and enjoy each bit as it comes down the pipe. I imagine this is how animals might listen to music. Appropriately, this occurs to me on an album devoted to Jeffrey’s beloved animal friend who graces the BYG/Actuel-inspired cover.  “So when my mind is in a fog/I reach for wisdom of the dog…” Nice stuff, definitely recommended.

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