Startling Moniker back from mind excursion

In the past, one of my goals at STARTLING MONIKER was to write a mid-sized music review each day. This didn’t work out well for me; it was tiresome, difficult, and simply could not keep pace with submissions. It’s hard to keep one’s sense of accomplishment from turning into a mixture of guilt and dread in such circumstances. That’s why I’m changing things up, starting today.

First off, I’ll be featuring a lot more reviews on STARTLING MONIKER. They’ll be quite a bit shorter, and more immediately focused on the things I find interesting in the recording. Finding out about new music is a lot of fun for me, so I want to share that discovery process with you. Alongside quick, daily reviews of new music, I’ll be working in older material for reviews as well. You’ll notice that the older recordings are often linked in some way to the more current ones being featured– being a good listener doesn’t necessarily mean keeping up with every new release, but it does often mean re-visiting past recordings armed with new knowledge. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help with that.

You’re also going to start seeing a lot more netlabel and creative commons action. Previously, I’ve avoided reviewing freely-available recordings because I believed that listeners were assuming no risk in simply trying them out. While I still encourage all listeners to jump in on their own, I’ve neglected the fact that it’s a big freakin’ ocean of sound out there. I see our musical future as being an amalgamation of physical labels, netlabels, creative commons endeavors, boutique cassette runs, p2p, blogs, and any number of unimaginable things yet to come– there’s usefulness in starting to map it out.

Of course, I’ll be continuing to do my weekly liveblogged broadcast entries for each episode of “It’s Too Damn Early.” With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to get the recording/download situation for past episodes worked out as well! WDBX’s new stream could help this immensely, so keep your fingers crossed!

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