Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/28/09

Today’s show is dedicated to Acid Mothers’ Temple, Katie Holmes, and Fred Savage. If you were listening live, you know why. If not, you should have been!

Just got a call– “Are you on the radio? Are you playing that random weird music? It feels like I’m on a spaceship. What are you on?” Ugh.

Synchronicity abounds. Last Visible Dog Records sent a copy of the brand new Eyes Like Saucers CD, “Parmalee, Tribute to a Dog.” The cover is a straight-up tribute to BYG-Actuel cover design… of which today’s Terry Riley/Pierre Marietan record is a sterling example! See for yourself…

Terry Riley — Keyboard Study 2
Eyes Like Saucers — Sun and Moon
Eyes Like Saucers — Owl Creek Bridge
Craig Colorusso — Strap Parts
Eyes Like Saucers — Warrigal Part Three
Cluster & Eno — Ho Renomo
Cluster & Eno — Schone Hande
Cluster & Eno –Steinsame
Cluster & Eno –Wehrmut
DaveX — Skin of Octopus, North Sea Foam, Space Suit
Gaybomb — Untitled, Side B (from Isle of Man split LP with Zack Kouns, “Nature’s Orphans/A Bomb A Nation”)
Ilhan Mimaroglu — Agony
John Cage — Fontana Mix

Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jeff Arnal — Brooklyn Mantra, pts. 1 & 2
The Moore Brothers — Fishes With Faces (from split 7″ w/ VNC, on Brick Factory)

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