Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/21/09

Hard to believe it’s getting on this late in the year, isn’t it? For today’s show, I’m hoping very much to get a chance to go back to work on those “small sounds” I wanted to hear last week. With a bit of luck, my regular coterie of performers won’t be too worn out from the past three (highly successful) days of taking over the SIUC Student Center during the “All Together Now” fest. I assume that footage and recordings will start leaking out over the coming week, but I’m pretty confident saying that it will be no substitute for having been present. Nick definitely did the Southern Illinois oddmusic community a solid by putting this thing together. Thanks, Nick!

Loachfillet — The Automated Bowl of Soup
Loachfillet — Somnambulist Synchronisms, Part 2
Loachfillet — Hell
Harold Budd, Brian Eno — Not Yet Remembered
Harold Budd, Brian Eno — The Chill Air
Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois — Their Memories
Harold Budd, Brian Eno — Among Fields of Crystal
Harold Budd, Brian Eno — Wind in Lonely Fences
Harold Budd, Brian Eno — Failing Light
Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois — Foreshadowed
Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois — An Echo of Night
Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois — Still Return
Karlheinz Stockhausen — Momente, side A (1965 version, Nonesuch)
The Guitar Factory — King Herod’s Song
Karlheinz Stockhausen — Momente, side B
DaveX — Improv w/ “Yakety Sax” 45rpm single
John DuVal — Distress Call
Benge — “1972 Serge Modular” From “Twenty Systems”
kkonkkrete — Untitled 1
cebec — Transformer Substation
Hans Grusel — Quarintimes
Electronic Waste Product — Picket Fences
Carlos Giffoni — All the Mistakes I Made During the Caribbean Winter

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