Best promo EVER

Tom has outdone himself now. Here’s his “official” promo clip for KNOBS, followed by an unofficial one– the aforementioned BEST PROMO EVER:


I can’t wait to send this to Sonny!

One Response to “Best promo EVER”

  1. Sonney Says:

    Hey I’m honored. From a vanity standpoint I’ll be seen by I guess at least 150 people. Whereas my last video at majesticmeteor is holding steady at 11 views at youtube, ha-ha.

    I guess I posted this at retardodufus youtube channel, and I’d be surprised if it got 150 views by now.

    If this kind of gig pans out for you, you’ll have actor dudes and chicks swarming you to get in to promo clips and combo video/audio presentations.

    If I wasn’t such a social phobic I’d come and troll for chicks, lol.


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