Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/26/09

I’m looking forward to hearing from Novasak and George Korein today! (Hopefully, you are as well.) Up until now, I’ve been playing mostly unreleased Korein recordings. As expected, they’re a lot of fun, and also very strange. In my perfect world, there would exist a box set of George Korein/Henry Kaiser collaborations– perhaps some millionaire recluse will fund this project, and make my dreams a reality!

For a much more down-to-earth project that needs a bit of funding, I should definitely mention Glenn Weyant’s recent decision to commit 100% of the profits from his double-disc release of The Anta Project and Droneland Security to the No More Deaths/No Mas Muertas fund. I’ve mentioned this on-air, so if you didn’t catch all the information at that time, click through to Glenn’s explanation and help out if you can. This is undoubtedly a worthy cause, made all the more compelling by Weyant’s lovely music.

I’ve turned Novasak loose on Southern Illinois. Be sure to visit his Swamp of Pus label to thank him later!

Sarah Peebles, David Toop — White Powder/The Spiders
George Korein — Sewerspire
George Korein — Brain Problems
George Korein — Anxiety
George Korein — Bump
George Korein — Cluster Groove
Art Jerks — Like Things
George Korein — Screed
George Korein — Jettisoned Bedding
Glenn Weyant — The Velvet Red Bug: July Ghost Constructions
Glenn Weyant — August Construction, The Street Where They Live, pt.1
Glenn Weyant — August Construction, The Street Where They Live, pt.2
Glenn Weyant — August Construction, The Street Where They Live, pt.3
Novasak — LIVE phone-in set for WDBX-FM, 9/26/09
Daryl Shawn — Cut Away the Stone
George Korein — LIVE phone-in interview, 9/26/09

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