mystery tape(s)

While ripping all these tapes, I realized that there still remains the question of what to do with them afterward. I’ve decided that since I currently have plenty of tapes to dub over for future recording projects, I would very much like to let these random recordings out into the wild to inspire and confound the lucky people who happen to find them.

As such, I’ve started scratching off the labels of each newly-ripped tape, and affixing a printed label– “mystery tape” in its place. Later, I plan to overdub a short greeting at the beginning of each tape, providing contact information and my congratulations to the finder. I may also number these tapes.

Naturally, some of these tapes will find their way into the usual places– thrift and junk stores are a good bet. But there are around 50 of them… so I may have to get clever and start leaving them in unusual places.

2 Responses to “mystery tape(s)”

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