Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/12/09

Today’s show is an exciting one. Harold Schellinx, Found Tapes curator and sound artist par excellence will be phoning in later. I’m very much looking forward to speaking with him– this should be a very interesting interview!

Right now, we’re digging on Miriodor’s album “Avanti,” out now on Cuneiform Records. Recently, I organized many of my albums by label, with Cuneiform being in the short list of labels I have looked for on my first pass through my collection. As such, I’ve made the rather interesting step of listening to albums in big bunches from a single catalog– in short, there’s been a lot of that RIO sound in my house lately! Next week, I’ll definitely be bringing in some more.

Speaking of sounds in houses… Harold will be taking us on a sound tour of HIS house very soon! This is going to be a lot of fun.

Miriodor — Envoutement
Miriodor — Bolide Debile
Robert Dow — Precipitation Within Sight
Hans Fjellestad — Pica
Hans Fjellestad — Phone Damage
Hans Fjellestad — Cabrito
Randall Hall — To Be Neither Proud Nor Ashamed
Harold Schellinx — LIVE Phone-in for WDBX-FM, 9/12/09
Yuko Nexus6 — Journal de Tokyo #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Voici le tempes de lecture
Yuko Nexus6 — J’aime beaucoup la cassette #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Journal de Tokyo #2
Yuko Nexus6 — Phonographe #1
Yuko Nexus6 — J’adore la boucle #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Berlin 1936
Trash Ant — Astral Projection
Trash Ant — Subliminal
BKPR — Burden
BKPR — Kollateral
Judy Dunaway — The Rubber Forest
Judy Dunaway — The Balloon Factory

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