WDBX Membership Drive / Custom freebie giveaway

I kicked off the WDBX-FM Membership Drive this week, and (as is often the case) nobody called me with a pledge! I don’t want this to be one of the years that experimental music gets shut out at drive time, so I’m asking all of you to dig around your piggy banks and find something green for the station, preferably with a president on it.

WDBX has their own set of promo goodies for folks who make good on their pledges, but I’m prepared to offer something of my own to sweeten the pot. This year, I’m giving away unique sound collages, custom-made for anyone who pledges my show. The sound collages will be delivered to you via a unique download, that– once accessed– will be deleted from the net. If you want to have the only copy, fine. If you want to upload it to your blog, whatever. It’s yours!

Every $10 pledge coming in for “It’s Too Damn Early” gets a 1-minute custom sound collage, with every additional $10 garnering an added minute to the total length of your unique creation.

Call in during this week’s broadcast, (618) 457-3691, or contact me via my e-mail for pledging details.

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