Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 8/29/09

Another year, another Fall Membership Drive! If you enjoy “It’s Too Damn Early,” I’d love to hear from you this time around– 618-457-3691… even if you’re not planning to make a pledge, seriously!

Today, my phone-in guest will be Black Beast of Arrrghhh, who I’m really looking forward to hearing. I’m also planning to make a call to Hal McGee’s “Automatic Confessional,” which I sort of broke last week. Damn me and my clumsy robot fingers!

Judy Dunaway, Tom Chiu — Etude No. 1 For Balloon and Violin
Randall Hall — Carnivore
Sparkle Girl — A Series of Tubes
Mark Sonnenfeld — Nagging Haunt
Igloo Martian — The Pocket-Sized Beat
Enstruction — Agglomeration
The Lexington Steele — Untitled No. 1 (for Shirley)
Cellular Terror — Electronic Fingerprints
Witch With Flying Head — They Call Him Neato Bombeleato
Dave X — Wire/Recorder
Kathy Burkett — Japanese Dachshund
minimum of none — more talk
Bryce Beverlin II — Mounded Cramphole
Halaka — Everyone Told Me I Was Great
DaveX — Jam Up/Jelly Tight
Black Beast of Arrrghhh — Live Phone-In set for WDBX-FM, 8/29/09
Dan Warburton — Al-Sabaah
Dan Warburton — Al-Dhahiira
Up-Tight — Daydream Believer (from “Live at the Lucrezia” DVD, Last Visible Dog Records)
Big City Orchestra — Noize Piece for 4 Shortwave Radios
Big City Orchestra — Kreuz
Big City Orchestra — Zeloso
DaveX — Improv With Radio and Transmitter
Eyes Like Saucers — Still Living In the Desert

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