Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 8/22/09

No telling how next week will pan out, but for now, WDBX has a new DJ programmed in the 2-4 a.m. slot– meaning that I won’t be doing anymore of these fun long shows for a while. Oh well! I suppose I could use the extra sleep.

Thankfully, this won’t affect any of the really cool guests I have scheduled for the next couple months, including tonight’s phone-in guest, Ironing. I’m really looking forward to chatting with this guy; not only does he run the terrific Hymns label, but he’s a fellow enthusiast of the microcassette format.

Wow, today has been unexpectedly heavy– Mammal obviously gives us a huge push in that direction, but Larval and The Transhumans are definitely keeping it going. I had actually forgotten how good the Larval album (“Obedience,” on Cuneiform) actually is! I had been playing it earlier today at home, noting that it sounded particularly awesome on my homemade through-house surround setup. Naturally, I had to get it on today’s show!

As for The Transhumans, I just don’t play their “Into the Maelstrom” enough. I’m perpetually amazed at how in-control this recording is, despite the high level of apparent chaos. I’ll probably play a few tracks from this disc– the overall arc of the music is one of the great qualities of this album.

Got a lot of calls about the Rich West “Mayo Grout’s Known Universe” recording. Apparently, Southern Illinois is keeping it weird. If you dug this and The Transhumans, you’re in luck– they’re both on the pfMentum label!

Bob Marsh wrote me this week, to hip me on his M! & M? project, a series of collaborations with a mysterious Italian fellow (the M?) of the duo. Marsh was debating whether to send me a CDR or just point me to the download, having apparently experienced the futile feeling of having a near-universally appreciated album (“Eight,” which I’m playing later) get great reviews, airplay, and still eat his budget. I always advise folks to send me a disc– it’s just easier– but if it’s between me hearing it or NOT hearing it– point me at the download!

I also played from Marsh’s “Nine” recordings, postcard-sized compositions made from alternations to a 1987 Michelin Road Atlas of France, which Marsh has been sharing with other musicians.

Okay, I tried phoning Hal McGee’s “Automatic Confessional,” but got hung up on twice. I guess I’ve been terrible. My insects and birds will have to wait until next week to become famous. As a runner-up prize, I’m now playing from volume 3 of “Dictaphonia,” the microcassette compilation McGee has been curating of late. See? No hard feelings about the confessional!

Eeek. My needle drop is showing.

Ironing will be calling in anytime now. Exactly when is anybody’s guess. Stay tuned!

Well, we are currently LIVE with Ironing, who is taking a walk in a park with some ducks. This is definitely going to be a memorable phone-in set, especially as Ironing’s microcassette contributions gradually take over the setting. I’ve also been promised that our journey will end in a Waffle House, for the live interview portion. Perhaps we’ll also be able to hear some yummy waffles being eaten. Mmmm, waffles.

Mammal — Repulsion
Larval — One Day I Just Kept On Walking
The Transhumans — Into the Maelstrom; Part Two: Descent (Approach)
The Transhumans — Into the Maelstrom; Part Two: Descent (Passage)
The Transhumans — Into the Maelstrom; Part Two: Descent
Rich West — I’m a Cockroach: Adapt, Adapt (pt.1)
M! & M? — New York Minute
M! & M? — Etude
M! & M? — Tarantella
M! & M? — Heart of the Matter
Bob Marsh — Nine Mine
Bryan Day — Day Nine
Larval — Last Ditch
DaveX — Phoning Hal McGee’s Automatic Confessional With Insects & Birds
Neonwork — Panic Attack
Mannequin Hollowcaust — Shrapnel Bath
Karl J. Paloucek — Phonorail
Justin Robert — Nylon/Mylar
Carl Holmes — Impulse Response
Ooy — Subway
Fludd — Reso-Nuances
JLIAT — Beethoven’s 9th, Bonus Track (Movement 5)
Bisexual Swinger — The Exercist
Alan George Ledergerber — I Like To Scare Myself
Stirner — digita4dictaphonia
auvikogue — heimart/exp – lost concert series vol.1
Bright Duplex — It’s Geese
Bright Duplex — Church of the Rosy Porky Pine
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn — Ultra Cultural Bummer (from split 7″ w/ Russian Tsarlag, on West Palm Beotch Records)
Russian Tsarlag — The Master’s Speech
Boris Hauf — Return of the 8 Bobs
Marina Hardy — No Bones
Earzumba — Trotando Riesgos
Ironing — LIVE phone-in performance for WDBX-FM, 8/22/09

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 8/22/09”

  1. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    ¿Remember when I handed you that Mammal disc back a year and a half ago? Man, I wish I had my camera for your reaction to listening to it…

  2. Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/27/10 « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] the apple. You’ll have to make sure you’re tuned in– he might take us all out for waffles again! If you’re hungry now, go check out these […]

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