Liveblogging! Commentary for SPECIAL broadcast, “ITDE” 8/3/09

If the stream is working, you can listen here. If it’s not working, feel free to pack up your family and move to Southern Illinois. I’m at 91.1 FM.

DaveX — Thrills & Kicks (ITDE Theme)
Rose for Bohdan — Ride My Bike
Miss High Heel — Pity Squashed Your Flowers
Sounds of American Doomsday Cults — Call for Protection
Darren Copeland — They’re Trying To Save Themselves
King Ghidorah — Bring the Head of Michael Brown
Armpit — Whiskey Bottle (Live Special Olympics Party)
Neil Rolnick, Joan LaBarbara — Body Work
Frank Rothkamm — Chelsea Girl
Ume — The Down Low Slow Down
Satoru Wono — Tango no.5
Frederique Bruyas — Christophe Tarkos; Poeme Choisi in Pan, Editions POI
Sissi Spacek — Sequins
Merzbow — Woodpecker no.2
Eddie the Rat — March of the Haydevil (Don’t Apologize for Universal Law pt.2)
Henry Kaiser — Meet the Flintstones
Alan Licht — Muhammed Ali & The Crickets
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Pulse Widthed Door
Na — I’m Going To The Cold Bank
Harout — Live at Laney Flea Market (From “Gold Record Studio”, Edgetone Records)
US Maple — Through With Six Six Six
Mooey Moobau — McDonald’s Mouse vs. The Toilet Seat Cat
Fe-Mail — Interlude 1 (from “Blixter Toad”, Asphodel Ltd.)
RP Collier — Zaltr
Bjork — Declare Independence

3 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for SPECIAL broadcast, “ITDE” 8/3/09”

  1. resipiscent Says:

    How awesome that album titles and labels are mentioned in your playlist so that listeners and artists stand a rats ass of finding each other. Great great show.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    1) Yet, you still found it.

    2) I mention these sorts of things during the show.

    3) There’s this thing called Google.

    4) It’s difficult enough to get people to find your material without being a jackass to unpaid, volunteer DJs who’ve done nothing but support your music; even when the last call they received about “Blaue Blooded Turen” specifically said they intended to turn off the radio if I kept playing your shit.

    Thanks so much– you make me feel wonderful. : (

  3. resipiscent Says:

    You aint the only unpaid volunteer doing nothing but support artists. Guess the “rats ass” idiom made my post sound more pissey than the suggestion it was intended to be. Oh well. More hatred hatches into the world. Sorry. Serious about your playlist, great show.

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