Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 8/1/09

WDBX’s streaming signal is down again. Second time I know of today. Can’t say I’m too happy with the new stream provider– not only have they stuck us with this Windows-centric garbage MMS stream that won’t play decently on much of anything, but now they can’t even keep it awake for 24 hours at a stretch. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Can you do better? Want to keep a radio station as a pet? Call us!

St. Louis drone king Mystified is today’s guest! He’s going to be working up a live generative piece for us, which I will be slowly bringing into the show around 4:15… this should be very cool. I’ve got my recorder off right now, which is really too bad because the Alan Licht stuff is terrific, but I want to conserve battery life to make sure Mystified’s set is captured properly!

Well, THIS has never happened before! I just went to queue up a CD (The Renderers, “Monsters and Miasmas” on LVD) when it literally crumbled in my hand. It broke as easily as if it had been made of crumbly chocolate, not in any way like a shattered CD. I actually looked at it for a while as if it was a joke, just dumbfounded by this strange occurrence! This has got to be a total fluke. I’m going to have to see if this one is online– I don’t suppose there’s harm in downloading a replacement promo if I find it.

Merzbow — Don’t Steal My Goat, pt. 1
Andrea Neumann, Toshimaru Nakamura — 1 (from “Aton”)
Andrea Neumann, Toshimaru Nakamura — 2 (from “Aton”)
Alan Licht — Remington Khan
Mystified — LIVE, phone-in set for WDBX-FM 8/1/09
Belltonesuicide — Phallanx Reprimand
Belltonesuicide — My Species Will Go Extinct
Neil Rolnick — Hammer & Hair (with Todd Reynolds and Kathleen Suprove)
Mark Applebaum — Essel Museum
Black Republican Caucus — Untitled, from “Shrek the 3rd: The DVD”
Mike Khoury — Untitled (from “Solo Renegade #9″ mini-cdr, on Lost Treasures of the Underworld label”

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