Upcoming broadcasts

Tomorrow’s broadcast continues to reflect my good fortune with booking interesting phone-in guests– St. Louis-based drone king Mystified has worked up something brand-new for those tuning in. You won’t want to miss a minute of it; Mystified is VERY good at what he does… and what better way to inaugurate the station’s new Skype setup?

I’ll also be playing a terrific release from Neil Rolnick on the Innova label, going cassette-crazy, and maybe even showing off some new Merzbow! You can listen this Saturday morning, from 4-6:30 a.m. CST right here. (BTW, I have made the station manager aware of our compatibility problems with the VLC player, so be a trooper and use Windows Media Player until we get it worked out.)

Can’t get enough DaveX? You may want to check me out this Monday, Aug. 3rd, from 6-8 p.m. (YEAH, IN THE EVENING!) when I cover WDBX’s esteemed “Camp Festus Radio Hour”. Imagine the hijinks a fully-awake DaveX will be up to when given an unsuspecting audience. Epic broadcasting awaits you!

…and hey, since you’re here, check out my growing list of upcoming guests!

8/1 — Mystified (St. Louis, MO)

8/8 –  Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge (Treasure Island, FL)

8/15 — Ernesto Diaz Infante (San Francisco, CA) – AND – Mike Khoury (Detroit, MI)

8/22 — Ironing (Gainesville, FL)

8/29 — Black Beast of Arrrghhh (St. Petersburg, FL)


9/12 — Harold Schellinx (Paris, France)

9/19 — Randall Hall (Rock Island, IL)

9/26 — Novasak (Denver, CO)

10/3 — Kim Cascone (San Francisco, CA)

10/10 — Matt Weston (Northampton, MA)

10/24 — Sabrina Siegel (Eugene, OR)

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