Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/25/09

I’ve got a live guest this morning, Lonely Procession. According to Mass Resistance, at least one person had already stopped by to see the live set as of 3 a.m. today…

Had a bit of trouble with my John Cage DVD-A. Had to restart the station computer, which was naturally scheduled to run all sorts of desperate virus-scanning programs at this hour, ick.

The Lonely Procession has arrived. As a bit of a run-up to his set (LP is a solo act this morning) I’m playing from some Lonely Procession recordings, as well as an earlier project, Vehemence 6.2.  If you enjoy today’s set, be sure to catch The Lonely Procession live Saturday evening 9 p.m. at The Swamp in Carbondale.

Well, I’ve already had ONE recording failure today! At present, I’m recording via my little digital recorder, the one with all the problems. It was intended to be my BACKUP for the usually rock-solid CDR recorder here in the studio. Unfortunately, the CDR recorder just crapped out on me for some unknown reason. Errors! Everything is now riding on the digital device, and we  all know how that generally turns out! Mood = shit.

The Gove County Philharmonic — Satan’s Square-Dancing Monkey
The Gove County Philharmonic — Time Rides the Ferris Wheel
Caroline Kraabel, Phil Hargreaves — Where We Were: Shadows of Liverpool (excerpt)
John Cage — Twenty-Six with Twenty-Nine
The Lonely Procession — The Gilded Latticework
Vehemence 6.2 — Skleros  (excerpt)
Mystified — Sporadic Signal
Mystified — Clash Bump
Mystified — Time to Rumble
Mystified — Crunch Drone
The Lonely Procession — LIVE at WDBX-FM, 7/25/09
Tom Hamilton — What Fell Through
Sunken Landscapes — Untitled (from Sultan 2 cassette split w/ The Adjective Noun)
MC Maguire — Narcissus auf Bali

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