Time to dig out my transfer deck…

I took some time this evening to go through some of my cassette tapes. After the move, I had really let them become quite disorganized, though I had been making good progress cleaning them up previously. I figured out a decent sorting method; putting tapes to be recorded over in one set of piles, keepers in another, and still more piles for personal recordings, shows, etc. I ended up with a fairly sizable group of “ITDE” archive tapes, ones I would have recorded to document my broadcasts, a technique I grudgingly employed upon the loss of my lovely direct-to-cdr burner.

I had assumed that all these tapes had been transferred to disc at one point in time, but I figured I’d better double-check my master archive anyway just to be sure. Amazingly, all but two tapes still require transfer! This means that I have a bunch of early episodes waiting for their say in the sun. Most of these are from 2002 and 2003, but I saw at least a couple from 2005 and 2006. I also found one from 2004– if ever you read a history of my broadcasts, 2004 will be called “the lost year,” reflecting my near-total disregard for playlists and archives. In fact, this may be the only surviving episode from that entire year!

Finally, I have one “ITDE” tape marked “w/ Josh, SAVE”… anyone know who this might be? Conspiracy theories, yearbook fans, and savant listeners leave your guesses in the comments section!

2 Responses to “Time to dig out my transfer deck…”

  1. kingo Says:

    There is a Josh working with Halaka. HE’s a recent addendum, but I assume that early morning business really does involve some kind of time travel, so I’d go under the assumption that that’s the Josh you were referring to.

    Do you still need that memory card? I’ve got a new one in a package now, and if you still need it it’s yours. I somehow managed to lose the last CD I was going to send you, so I’ve got to redo that but should be able to get stuff in the mail early this coming week.

    – Having difficulty floating in this atmosphere,

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