Roadblocks to airplay

I don’t want to pick on William Harrington, or his Urban Electronic Music project, but a recent message from him provides me with an example of something bothersome that pops up every now and then for me– roadblocks to airplay. I’ve discussed it somewhat in-depth from a packaging/mailing angle previously, but this is another side of the same problem:

Here’s a portion of the original message:

“This year, we’re trying something different. Rather than printing copies of our latest cd, we’ve decided to release it as a download and see how that works. The project is titled: “Science Can’t Explain It” and is available here.”

Keeping in mind that UEM’s music is generally quite good, and that I do intend to listen to it soon, please read an excerpt from my reply:

“In my experience, though, it’s always best to remove as many roadblocks to airplay as possible– you might consider continuing to provide radio, reviewers, etc with a CDR of some sort. I’m sure it would break a lot of hearts among those who make a small fortune re-selling such promos, but I’ve always been just as happy with a CDR, a track list, and an info sheet. For the average listener, a downloadable album is great, but for those few of us who deal with LOTS of albums at once, it’s great to just have something on-hand to stick into the stereo. It’s a lot easier than downloading the individual tracks, making a folder, playing them on a PC, and then burning a disc to take into the station. Like I said– lots of roadblocks to getting on-air. Oh geez, I just noticed– I have to register with Redline Park as well before I can download these.”

I’ll be happy happy to hear your opinions about this matter in the comments section.

Update: Harrington was unaware of the need to register with Redline Park before being able to download, and will be mailing me a CDR copy. He wrote: “This is the first time I’ve tried this and it’s a learning experience.”

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