Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/18/09

I’ve started a bit early this week, kicking the broadcast off at 3 a.m., following the brand-new “Mass Resistance” show. I had a bit more time to ask them about their music this week– so I’ve now added the phrase “electronic body music” to my inner dictionary. I guess it falls somewhere between industrial and synth pop, which seems to make sense. At any rate, they enjoy what they’re playing, and I’m pretty sure there’s no other show at WDBX like it. If this sounds like your thing, tune in a bit early and check it out next week. ‘Mass Resistance” starts at midnight, and goes until 3.

Of course, you’ve noticed by now that I’ve been squatting a bit of Nick’s old “Sweet Action Radio” spot since his untimely demise at the hands of rogue samurai. For the past few months, I’ve been strolling in the door at 3:30-ish, giving myself a nice round 3-hour broadcast, which I enjoy. With “Mass Resistance” bringing WDBX within 1 hour of a full broadcast day, I’ve been asked to make the 3 a.m. opening the norm. For now, however, I’ve asked that it remain only semi-official– in other words, you might catch me coming in this early, or I might just start at 4 a.m. like usual. For now, I can guarantee that special guests, live phone-ins, or in-studio sets will only occur during the official 4-6:30 hours.

I can’t quite read the entirety of the track titles on Halaka’s “Unabridged Discord” album– due to some paper folding in the package, they’re partially obscured. I’m guessing at the last few letters of each, so hang on!

Update: My recorder failed AGAIN. Nothing to share with you this week. Don’t count on the digital shit, kids– it will let you down!

Cristopher Cichocki — Transmission
Cristopher Cichocki — Soft Infrastructure
Cristopher Cichocki — Waste Basket
Cristopher Cichocki — One Mile Radius
Cristopher Cichocki — Storm Drain
My Fun — Phonopostal
My Fun — A Field in Freilassing
My Fun — Sonorine
Halaka — A Lot of Colorful Balloons
Halaka — Paper Elephant
Halaka — Groundball
Halaka — The Nonreplaceable
Halaka — Insurmountable Concentration of Leaking Formaldehyde
Halaka — Burnt Out Building
Warm Climate — Terminal City
Warm Climate — Warm Winter II
Warm Climate — Backstabbing Waitress
MC Maguire — Spawn of Abe
Matt Lavelle, Barry Chabala — Is That a Trumpet In Your Pocket Or, Um…?
Cristopher Cichocki, Warm Climate — Synovial Moves
Cristopher Cichocki, I Heart Lung — Interoceans
Hollydrift — Buried By the Briar
Brian Eno, John Hassell — Charm (Under Burundi Cloud)
Novasak — BHT (To Maintain Freshness)
Crank Sturgeon — gilituz-u-gha (meme)
Crank Sturgeon — For Hucket – Keep Her Limber
RP Collier — Rather Blau
RP Collier — Concourse
RP Collier — Nyte Ayre
RP Collier — Wund
RP Collier — Chillington
RP Collier — Flinder
DaveX — Open De-mixing of “Wire/Recorder”
Kim Cascone — Music for Dagger and Guitar

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