JC Superstar, shroom mistake, bendy antennae

Got a lovely promo package today– or rather, a lovely bunch of promo packages. Hell, let’s just call it Awesome Day: eleven CDs, 4 DVDs, 3 cassettes, and a VHS tape. Lots of included artwork, posters, etc… and hey! One of them had a ink stamping of John Cage on the envelope. How dorky, that’s where my attention goes.

I decided to make a quickie flyer out of it, photocopying and enlarging the original to the proper size. Here’s the result:


Obviously, it’s a bit flippant– and I mean no disrespect whatsoever– but this is the sort of work I’m capable of at 5 in the morning. I had to add in some little Cage references/factoids, too. I didn’t think about it much, but I’m guessing the whole mushroom thing isn’t going to go over quite the way I envisioned… now I’m going to have folks envisioning me with a great love of psychedelics, haha! I may re-work this one, and do some sort of amateur R. Crumb musician trading card with it, who knows?

I also got nice photo of the station’s antennae, as reflected in the roof of my car. No Photoshop! I dig the various scratches criss-crossing the image– evidence of my propensity to toss my keys on the roof as I approach the vehicle.


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