Into the ether/how you can help

I lost another radio show this week. As many of you know, I have a troubled relationship with recording my broadcasts. When I’m not having the usual technical issues; I can occasionally blame depression, forgetfulness, internet outages, stray magnetic fields– Murphy’s Law definitely comes into play.

Here’s my current recording setup, and a breakdown of what went wrong:

My recorder is actually a cheap mp3 player, a PMP model from Polaroid which was supposed to catapult the struggling company away from the quagmire of being an instant-camera maker in the digital age towards challenging Apple for dominance in the portable music market. As you may have noticed, the plan didn’t exactly come together. I imagine it’s because this little player is constantly needing additional help (i.e. manual resetting with a paperclip) in order to shut down or start up correctly. The battery life isn’t the greatest, and the on-board memory (449 megabytes, zomg) isn’t anything to write home about, either.

Nevertheless, it does record directly from radio, converting my FM broadcast to a WAV file. This is useful.

But this week, the recorder ate the resulting file. I’m assuming that the battery died prior to a proper shutdown, meaning that I tried shutting the recorder down, but that it got stalled somewhere along the way instead. Without properly shutting down, it stupidly erased the file it was working on– voila! My 7/11/09 broadcast is gone, existing now only in the ether.

I try to console myself, noting that an alien civilization might employ advanced technology to somehow harvest my space-going radio waves some millions of years hence, cataloging my work amongst other interesting curiosities gathered from their cosmic beachcombing pursuits. On the other hand, I can’t make a file to share with you until they get on it, sorry! So here’s what you can do:

If I’m correct about the cause of this week’s recording being lost, a memory card might be just the thing to solve the problem. The recorder has a slot for a microSD card; I would assume that recordings made to such a card would be protected from erasure in case of a total power loss to the main device. Does anyone have a microSD card they’d be willing to donate to their favorite DJ? 1GB would double my current capacity– just the thing for these longer shows I’ve been hosting lately. Contact me for mailing details!

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