Today’s broadcast preview

I’m getting ready to cook a rather involved din-din right now, so I’m keeping this brief– today’s show will definitely be excellent. Most excellent. Bill and Ted excellent, for real.

How many microcassettes will I play for you? Two, if you’re well-behaved! (Three, if you’re very bad.) I’ve also got a Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge/Black Beast of Arrrghhh split cassette suffocating inside a case– it’s begging to be let out, and has been offering all manners of fascinating promises in trade for a night of freedom. Should I believe it can give me a more noble nose, and increase my metabolism by 37 percent?

Speaking of food– Halaka will also be present, in digital form, anyway. Their latest will present evidence supporting the hypothesis that we are all Halaka. Later tracks will directly contradict this, so you will need to listen and decide for yourself.

But wait there’s more. Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge are our phone-in guests today. They will be sending us little electrical pulses via a telephone of their choosing. You can hear the entire experiment live RIGHT FLIPPIN’ HERE.

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