Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/4/09

Happy Independence Day! I’ve started this broadcast by freeing my listeners from “Bad Company,” surely one of the more obnoxious songs ever concocted. We’re currently digging Henry Kaiser, from the album “Lemon Fish Tweezer.” It’s one of my favorites, so I hope you enjoy it too.

I’ve gotten some complaints today that VLC has difficulty accessing the WDBX stream. I went ahead and sent a mail to our station manager to see if the station’s new net provider can help us with this… if you use VLC regularly, let me know so I can keep you updated on this!

Right now, I’m in the midst of my Edgetone Records hour. It’s pretty fun blending these tracks, there are so many interesting textures that the options are pretty well wide-open. I’ve got a mix of Charlotte Hug and gal*in_dog’s “Lift” layered over Steven Baker’s “Lunar Etudes Time Differentials” album right now, and it sounds great!

First impression: Haruki’s latest for The Land Of, “To Humble A Nest” is really freakin’ good.

Henry Kaiser — Get Moose and Squirrel
Henry Kaiser — Red Shadows
Henry Kaiser — Aquirax Aida
Henry Kaiser — Novelty Act
Henry Kaiser — What the Dead Men Say
A_dontigny — Crowding Into the Behavioural Sink
A_dontigny — Holzwege
A_dontigny — Turner
A_dontigny — All-Over
A_dontigny — Wirkungsgeschichtesbewusstein
Grey Park — 10 Dollar Habit / Immediate Resignation
Vanessa Rossetto — Dogs in English Porcelain
John Oswald — The Speed of Space (excerpt from “Grayfolded”)
Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel — A Charming Decoy
Bloom — Discussion
Bloom — Rent Asunder
Bloom — Sam
Jim Ryan — Six Days (from “Subjects of Desire”)
Steven Baker — Plumb Deed
Steven Baker — Still Near
gal*in_dog, Charlotte Hug — Tietl
Haruki — Greasy Coats and a Pair of Scissors
Haruki — Don’t Moan Unless Asked
Haruki — A Door A Door
Haruki — If I Wrote You
Marco Oppedisano — The Ominous Corner
Marco Oppedisano — Imaginary Portal

Listen online here

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