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Upcoming broadcasts

July 31, 2009

Tomorrow’s broadcast continues to reflect my good fortune with booking interesting phone-in guests– St. Louis-based drone king Mystified has worked up something brand-new for those tuning in. You won’t want to miss a minute of it; Mystified is VERY good at what he does… and what better way to inaugurate the station’s new Skype setup?

I’ll also be playing a terrific release from Neil Rolnick on the Innova label, going cassette-crazy, and maybe even showing off some new Merzbow! You can listen this Saturday morning, from 4-6:30 a.m. CST right here. (BTW, I have made the station manager aware of our compatibility problems with the VLC player, so be a trooper and use Windows Media Player until we get it worked out.)

Can’t get enough DaveX? You may want to check me out this Monday, Aug. 3rd, from 6-8 p.m. (YEAH, IN THE EVENING!) when I cover WDBX’s esteemed “Camp Festus Radio Hour”. Imagine the hijinks a fully-awake DaveX will be up to when given an unsuspecting audience. Epic broadcasting awaits you!

…and hey, since you’re here, check out my growing list of upcoming guests!

8/1 — Mystified (St. Louis, MO)

8/8 –  Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge (Treasure Island, FL)

8/15 — Ernesto Diaz Infante (San Francisco, CA) – AND – Mike Khoury (Detroit, MI)

8/22 — Ironing (Gainesville, FL)

8/29 — Black Beast of Arrrghhh (St. Petersburg, FL)


9/12 — Harold Schellinx (Paris, France)

9/19 — Randall Hall (Rock Island, IL)

9/26 — Novasak (Denver, CO)

10/3 — Kim Cascone (San Francisco, CA)

10/10 — Matt Weston (Northampton, MA)

10/24 — Sabrina Siegel (Eugene, OR)

“Ore: Theatre Intangible” threatened at WRVU-FM! (and how you can help out)

July 28, 2009

Vanderbilt’s WRVU-FM has removed “Ore: Theatre Intangible” from the station schedule this week, completely stripping experimental music and sound art from their broadcast. The show, hosted by my good friend and former co-host Tony Youngblood, has been one of WRVU-FM’s most-active and participation-friendly broadcasts at the station since 2007. It almost goes without saying that it was one of a very few places for experimental musicians and enthusiasts to hear such sounds– and in the samey, corporate, pop country BS behemoth city of Nashville; “Ore” brought a desperately-needed infusion of new ideas.

Mikil Taylor, WRVU’s general manager (i.e., wet blanket), cited “sexually offensive comments” as cause for Youngblood’s dismissal. Here is his letter:

“It has come to my attention that some serious programming violations occurred during your show last night, violations I have verified. As you should have known, DJs are expressly prohibited from making sexually offensive comments on air, or knowingly allowing such comments to occur. Thus, I have no other course of action than to remove your privileges as a DJ at WRVU. Please note that you are no longer able to enter the station, and are no longer welcome at WRVU.”

Here’s the catch– WRVU has a 3-second delete system in place, which allows DJs to catch and remove fleeting obscenities from broadcast. Punch a button, and the delayed signal is clipped out before ever reaching the station’s transmitter. It’s a dumbshit device to be sure, only made necessary by dumbshit listeners too stupid to turn the radio off for themselves, and beloved by the dumbshit politicians and FCC chumps who have helped to create an environment of self-censorship in radio for decades. Still, Tony was aware of station policy. Like me, he’d rather live to fight another day– broadcasting experimental music is usually thankless enough without fighting a second front against censorship!

In short, he rode that delete button like a champ. Unfortunately, what Tony didn’t know is that the delete system only affects the transmitted FM signal… not the archived, antiquated RealAudio stream WRVU insists on using for its online broadcast.

Tony hoped an explanatory reply would be enough to reverse his dismissal, but I wouldn’t be writing all this if it had been, would I? Here’s his letter to Taylor:

“The only conclusion I can draw is that you must have reviewed the show from the RealAudio archive, which is not routed through the 3 second delete button in the signal chain. I know this because all of the examples of violations you mentioned were deleted by me with the 3 second delete key. I just listened to the archive to confirm that it does not delete the deleted sections. I also just called a friend who listened to the show via radio, and he confirmed that the sections WERE deleted in the radio feed. Another friend recorded portions of the show from his radio, and I can try to get a copy to prove when the delete key was hit if you’d like proof. This also suggests the very-disturbing possibility that every hit of the delete key in recent station history goes through the RealAudio link uncensored.

Every other week my show is a live freeform improv. I attempt to showcase the provocative, and the groundbreaking, but never the inappropriate. Most of the weeks, the improv is instrumental with no voices; but on rare occasions I develop a concept that involves voices. This particular show was intended to be a simple call in show with a very fascinating and interesting personality. Dave Cloud is somewhat of a local legend. If you’ve ever seen him perform live, you know how entertaining and challenging his act can be. I was attracted by his colorful character and thought he would make a fascinating participant. I very rigorously counseled Dave Cloud and the other performers before the show about what was appropriate material. I even brought up the story of the DJ’s who got kicked off the air because of discussing a “dirty sanchez,” telling my guests that it wasn’t enough to not say the 7 dirty words, that they must also not make sexually suggestive remarks.

That being said, a live call-in show is much more difficult to control than a dj set. Early on I could see things were getting out of hand. I had two options. I could end the show early and dismiss the guest performers or I could ride the 3 second delete key. I chose to ride the delete key. If you had an air-copy of my show for review, you would see that I used the delete key at even the smallest hint of inappropriateness. The delete-key notwithstanding, you might say that the more prudent decision would have been to end the show early or avoid a call-in show with such a risky guest. You would be correct. That is, of course, much easier to see in hindsight. Still, I made an error in judgment, and for that I am sorry. However, there is a big difference between an uncaring dj who has no regard for the rules and a rule-abiding one who made one mistake out of a hundred shows and tried to correct it.

I have been a dedicated and contributing dj for over two years at WRVU. No one values their show more than I do. I always take great care to leave the station in better condition that I entered it in. I contribute headphone adapters, ipod adapters, and mic clips when the station ones go missing (as they seem to do quite often). I pride myself in delivering a niche of music that is not otherwise being represented and in witnessing a growing experimental community that I helped build. I would never intentionally jeopardize that which means everything to me.

I was chief engineer at my college radio station WIDB in Carbondale, IL. I understand that complaints must be taken very seriously. When the station license is at risk, one must err on the side of caution. Better I lose my show than WRVU going off the air. Still, I stand by my claim that you cannot judge the over-the-air contents of my show by review the RealAudio feed (which does not preserve the muted sections). For proper review, we really need to hear an over-the-air copy. Yet, I could have used better judgment.

Therefore, I suggest a compromise. Suspend me for a month, a semester, even a year if you see fit. It would be a hardship, but much less distressing than losing my show entirely. If a complaint was made, the complainer would be appeased; and I would be able to return to my show with the commitment to never let something like this happen again. My show is not only valuable to me, but it serves a vital purpose in the community. It is a refuge and a conduit for experimental, avant-garde, drone, noise, and outsider musicians in the community. If it comes to it, I know I can count on support from participants, community members, and fellow WRVU djs with letters and e-mails addressed to the WRVU staff and advisers.”

In fairness, and without getting too much into specifics about the show, Tony DID make some mistakes. Number one, he invited someone on his show that didn’t care about WRVU as much as he does. I’ve had that problem before as well, though I handled it somewhat differently. That’s Tony’s second mistake– he should have booted the fucker, and played a CD. Better to have a crummy episode than no broadcast at all. Still, he TRIED to fix these things. Out of his many, many broadcasts, this is a true outlier– anything but a repeatable pattern of broadcasting abuse.

Since the dismissal, a lot of little electronic nastygrams have been floating back and forth, with hurt feelings on both sides. But you, dear listener, have still got a job to do. Write an e-mail and let Taylor know where you stand. Tell him that you prefer experimental music remain on the air at WRVU-FM, and that Tony deserves a second chance. Do it today, and maybe we can get “Ore” back on the air!

Here’s the relevant e-mail addresses and contact information:

Mikil Taylor
General Manager, WRVU

Sam Parler
Programming Director, WRVU

Jim Hayes
Assistant Director of Student Media, Broadcasting

Chris Carroll
Director of Student Media
offensive comments

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/25/09

July 25, 2009

I’ve got a live guest this morning, Lonely Procession. According to Mass Resistance, at least one person had already stopped by to see the live set as of 3 a.m. today…

Had a bit of trouble with my John Cage DVD-A. Had to restart the station computer, which was naturally scheduled to run all sorts of desperate virus-scanning programs at this hour, ick.

The Lonely Procession has arrived. As a bit of a run-up to his set (LP is a solo act this morning) I’m playing from some Lonely Procession recordings, as well as an earlier project, Vehemence 6.2.  If you enjoy today’s set, be sure to catch The Lonely Procession live Saturday evening 9 p.m. at The Swamp in Carbondale.

Well, I’ve already had ONE recording failure today! At present, I’m recording via my little digital recorder, the one with all the problems. It was intended to be my BACKUP for the usually rock-solid CDR recorder here in the studio. Unfortunately, the CDR recorder just crapped out on me for some unknown reason. Errors! Everything is now riding on the digital device, and we  all know how that generally turns out! Mood = shit.

The Gove County Philharmonic — Satan’s Square-Dancing Monkey
The Gove County Philharmonic — Time Rides the Ferris Wheel
Caroline Kraabel, Phil Hargreaves — Where We Were: Shadows of Liverpool (excerpt)
John Cage — Twenty-Six with Twenty-Nine
The Lonely Procession — The Gilded Latticework
Vehemence 6.2 — Skleros  (excerpt)
Mystified — Sporadic Signal
Mystified — Clash Bump
Mystified — Time to Rumble
Mystified — Crunch Drone
The Lonely Procession — LIVE at WDBX-FM, 7/25/09
Tom Hamilton — What Fell Through
Sunken Landscapes — Untitled (from Sultan 2 cassette split w/ The Adjective Noun)
MC Maguire — Narcissus auf Bali

Time to dig out my transfer deck…

July 20, 2009

I took some time this evening to go through some of my cassette tapes. After the move, I had really let them become quite disorganized, though I had been making good progress cleaning them up previously. I figured out a decent sorting method; putting tapes to be recorded over in one set of piles, keepers in another, and still more piles for personal recordings, shows, etc. I ended up with a fairly sizable group of “ITDE” archive tapes, ones I would have recorded to document my broadcasts, a technique I grudgingly employed upon the loss of my lovely direct-to-cdr burner.

I had assumed that all these tapes had been transferred to disc at one point in time, but I figured I’d better double-check my master archive anyway just to be sure. Amazingly, all but two tapes still require transfer! This means that I have a bunch of early episodes waiting for their say in the sun. Most of these are from 2002 and 2003, but I saw at least a couple from 2005 and 2006. I also found one from 2004– if ever you read a history of my broadcasts, 2004 will be called “the lost year,” reflecting my near-total disregard for playlists and archives. In fact, this may be the only surviving episode from that entire year!

Finally, I have one “ITDE” tape marked “w/ Josh, SAVE”… anyone know who this might be? Conspiracy theories, yearbook fans, and savant listeners leave your guesses in the comments section!

Roadblocks to airplay

July 20, 2009

I don’t want to pick on William Harrington, or his Urban Electronic Music project, but a recent message from him provides me with an example of something bothersome that pops up every now and then for me– roadblocks to airplay. I’ve discussed it somewhat in-depth from a packaging/mailing angle previously, but this is another side of the same problem:

Here’s a portion of the original message:

“This year, we’re trying something different. Rather than printing copies of our latest cd, we’ve decided to release it as a download and see how that works. The project is titled: “Science Can’t Explain It” and is available here.”

Keeping in mind that UEM’s music is generally quite good, and that I do intend to listen to it soon, please read an excerpt from my reply:

“In my experience, though, it’s always best to remove as many roadblocks to airplay as possible– you might consider continuing to provide radio, reviewers, etc with a CDR of some sort. I’m sure it would break a lot of hearts among those who make a small fortune re-selling such promos, but I’ve always been just as happy with a CDR, a track list, and an info sheet. For the average listener, a downloadable album is great, but for those few of us who deal with LOTS of albums at once, it’s great to just have something on-hand to stick into the stereo. It’s a lot easier than downloading the individual tracks, making a folder, playing them on a PC, and then burning a disc to take into the station. Like I said– lots of roadblocks to getting on-air. Oh geez, I just noticed– I have to register with Redline Park as well before I can download these.”

I’ll be happy happy to hear your opinions about this matter in the comments section.

Update: Harrington was unaware of the need to register with Redline Park before being able to download, and will be mailing me a CDR copy. He wrote: “This is the first time I’ve tried this and it’s a learning experience.”

Future guests!

July 20, 2009

I’ve been booking live performances for “It’s Too Damn Early” for the past couple weeks– and I’ve been getting an excellent response from many fantastic artists. Here’s a look ahead at the next five weeks:

7/25 —  Lonely Procession (St. Louis, MO)

8/1 — Mystified (St. Louis, MO)

8/8 —  Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge (Treasure Island, FL)

8/15 — Ernesto Diaz Infante (San Francisco, CA) – AND – Mike Khoury (Detroit, MI)

8/22 — Ironing (Gainesville, FL)

There are a lot more interesting guests and live sets to come, so be ready!

JC Superstar, shroom mistake, bendy antennae

July 18, 2009

Got a lovely promo package today– or rather, a lovely bunch of promo packages. Hell, let’s just call it Awesome Day: eleven CDs, 4 DVDs, 3 cassettes, and a VHS tape. Lots of included artwork, posters, etc… and hey! One of them had a ink stamping of John Cage on the envelope. How dorky, that’s where my attention goes.

I decided to make a quickie flyer out of it, photocopying and enlarging the original to the proper size. Here’s the result:


Obviously, it’s a bit flippant– and I mean no disrespect whatsoever– but this is the sort of work I’m capable of at 5 in the morning. I had to add in some little Cage references/factoids, too. I didn’t think about it much, but I’m guessing the whole mushroom thing isn’t going to go over quite the way I envisioned… now I’m going to have folks envisioning me with a great love of psychedelics, haha! I may re-work this one, and do some sort of amateur R. Crumb musician trading card with it, who knows?

I also got nice photo of the station’s antennae, as reflected in the roof of my car. No Photoshop! I dig the various scratches criss-crossing the image– evidence of my propensity to toss my keys on the roof as I approach the vehicle.


Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/18/09

July 18, 2009

I’ve started a bit early this week, kicking the broadcast off at 3 a.m., following the brand-new “Mass Resistance” show. I had a bit more time to ask them about their music this week– so I’ve now added the phrase “electronic body music” to my inner dictionary. I guess it falls somewhere between industrial and synth pop, which seems to make sense. At any rate, they enjoy what they’re playing, and I’m pretty sure there’s no other show at WDBX like it. If this sounds like your thing, tune in a bit early and check it out next week. ‘Mass Resistance” starts at midnight, and goes until 3.

Of course, you’ve noticed by now that I’ve been squatting a bit of Nick’s old “Sweet Action Radio” spot since his untimely demise at the hands of rogue samurai. For the past few months, I’ve been strolling in the door at 3:30-ish, giving myself a nice round 3-hour broadcast, which I enjoy. With “Mass Resistance” bringing WDBX within 1 hour of a full broadcast day, I’ve been asked to make the 3 a.m. opening the norm. For now, however, I’ve asked that it remain only semi-official– in other words, you might catch me coming in this early, or I might just start at 4 a.m. like usual. For now, I can guarantee that special guests, live phone-ins, or in-studio sets will only occur during the official 4-6:30 hours.

I can’t quite read the entirety of the track titles on Halaka’s “Unabridged Discord” album– due to some paper folding in the package, they’re partially obscured. I’m guessing at the last few letters of each, so hang on!

Update: My recorder failed AGAIN. Nothing to share with you this week. Don’t count on the digital shit, kids– it will let you down!

Cristopher Cichocki — Transmission
Cristopher Cichocki — Soft Infrastructure
Cristopher Cichocki — Waste Basket
Cristopher Cichocki — One Mile Radius
Cristopher Cichocki — Storm Drain
My Fun — Phonopostal
My Fun — A Field in Freilassing
My Fun — Sonorine
Halaka — A Lot of Colorful Balloons
Halaka — Paper Elephant
Halaka — Groundball
Halaka — The Nonreplaceable
Halaka — Insurmountable Concentration of Leaking Formaldehyde
Halaka — Burnt Out Building
Warm Climate — Terminal City
Warm Climate — Warm Winter II
Warm Climate — Backstabbing Waitress
MC Maguire — Spawn of Abe
Matt Lavelle, Barry Chabala — Is That a Trumpet In Your Pocket Or, Um…?
Cristopher Cichocki, Warm Climate — Synovial Moves
Cristopher Cichocki, I Heart Lung — Interoceans
Hollydrift — Buried By the Briar
Brian Eno, John Hassell — Charm (Under Burundi Cloud)
Novasak — BHT (To Maintain Freshness)
Crank Sturgeon — gilituz-u-gha (meme)
Crank Sturgeon — For Hucket – Keep Her Limber
RP Collier — Rather Blau
RP Collier — Concourse
RP Collier — Nyte Ayre
RP Collier — Wund
RP Collier — Chillington
RP Collier — Flinder
DaveX — Open De-mixing of “Wire/Recorder”
Kim Cascone — Music for Dagger and Guitar

You might want to clear off some shelves

July 13, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

I’ve got two new torrents coming at you! I intended to share these much sooner, but I got a little bit behind… now it’s July and I’m putting up links to April broadcasts, go fig. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

4/4/09: Our hero takes two-and-a-half hours to slowly transition from a Zelphabet-curated Arcane Device track to a live field recording of birdsong outside the station. A chance yard sale find of Smithsonian Folkways birdsong LPs just 15 minutes after the broadcast confirms DaveX is on the right track. This show is lovely, and sets up the bird mania of the next episode. Also includes Philip Samartzis, Michael Vorfeld, Asmus Tietchens, and Guilty Connector.

4/11/09: Lots of birds. Lots of tape. Also features The Revolutionary Ensemble’s final recording, Miya Masaoka, Joan Jeanrenaud, and Valerio Cosi.

New torrent!

July 13, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent file referenced in this post is being replaced with a new link. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

Here’s my latest uploaded broadcast, another torrent for you to enjoy. Be sure to seed it after you download!

7/4/09 – Vanessa Rossetto’s “Dogs in English Porcelain,” DaveX learns to spell “Wirkungsgeschichtesbewusstein,” an Edgetone Records spotlight, and new stuff from The Land Of.

Into the ether/how you can help

July 13, 2009

I lost another radio show this week. As many of you know, I have a troubled relationship with recording my broadcasts. When I’m not having the usual technical issues; I can occasionally blame depression, forgetfulness, internet outages, stray magnetic fields– Murphy’s Law definitely comes into play.

Here’s my current recording setup, and a breakdown of what went wrong:

My recorder is actually a cheap mp3 player, a PMP model from Polaroid which was supposed to catapult the struggling company away from the quagmire of being an instant-camera maker in the digital age towards challenging Apple for dominance in the portable music market. As you may have noticed, the plan didn’t exactly come together. I imagine it’s because this little player is constantly needing additional help (i.e. manual resetting with a paperclip) in order to shut down or start up correctly. The battery life isn’t the greatest, and the on-board memory (449 megabytes, zomg) isn’t anything to write home about, either.

Nevertheless, it does record directly from radio, converting my FM broadcast to a WAV file. This is useful.

But this week, the recorder ate the resulting file. I’m assuming that the battery died prior to a proper shutdown, meaning that I tried shutting the recorder down, but that it got stalled somewhere along the way instead. Without properly shutting down, it stupidly erased the file it was working on– voila! My 7/11/09 broadcast is gone, existing now only in the ether.

I try to console myself, noting that an alien civilization might employ advanced technology to somehow harvest my space-going radio waves some millions of years hence, cataloging my work amongst other interesting curiosities gathered from their cosmic beachcombing pursuits. On the other hand, I can’t make a file to share with you until they get on it, sorry! So here’s what you can do:

If I’m correct about the cause of this week’s recording being lost, a memory card might be just the thing to solve the problem. The recorder has a slot for a microSD card; I would assume that recordings made to such a card would be protected from erasure in case of a total power loss to the main device. Does anyone have a microSD card they’d be willing to donate to their favorite DJ? 1GB would double my current capacity– just the thing for these longer shows I’ve been hosting lately. Contact me for mailing details!

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/11/09

July 11, 2009

Listen to the broadcast here.

If you were ever curious about my sleeping habits, I offer you the following tidbit: it’s now 12:25 a.m. I’ll be going to bed in a few minutes. For more fun, note the time I start this week’s episode. Also, I just noticed that I failed to upload last week’s broadcast. I’ll try to fix this oversight as soon as possible– most likely on Monday. Now tell me “goodnight” and I’ll see you in a few hours.

“A few hours,” ha! It’s 2:38 a.m., getting my shoes on.

Well, I guess my DJ search has officially ended. Today, I met Eric and Tatiana, who were doing their first broadcast of “Mass Resistance.” I suppose it’s a techno or dance show, though I’d be hard-pressed to nail down a genre– club music isn’t exactly my strong point. They’ll be on-air from 12-3 a.m. weekly, so I think my work squatting the 3 a.m. hour has unofficially paid off. Maybe I have a 3.5 hour show now? I’ll have to ask.

Quickie: “Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps for First Rate Ladies” by Ritualistic School of Errors has to be one of the ugliest-sounding albums I’ve ever heard. On the other hand, it’s really well-assembled. This one will take a lot more time.

Playing Zelphabet now… trying to educate a caller a little bit… “what’s noise?”

Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge should be calling in soon. I’m looking forward to their live set.

Ritualistic School of Errors — Fanfare: Wobbling Turn, Fine Physique
Negativland — Gimmie the Mermaid
Ritualistic School of Errors — Purpating Hindquarters Burst
Ritualistic School of Errors — Corkscrew Catheter for a Jelly Loaf
Halaka — Grocery, Singer, Girl
Halaka — A Man’s Head on Fire, Through the Tree
Halaka — Mossy Stone
Halaka — Dancing Between the Cracks of a Jigsaw Puzzle
Billy Gomberg — Exposures
Billy Gomberg — Verse
Billy Gomberg — Darkened
Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge — Post-Dramatic Stress Syndrome
Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge — Upside Down Crossing Guard
Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge — Recycled Excitement
Francisco Lopez — Untitled #210
Frans De Waard — Meet Melt
Katchmare — Lotus Village Plan, disc 2
Rabbit Girls — Sick Problems
Rabbit Girls — Skin and Fat
Rabbit Girls — Hardwired Entropy
Rabbit Girls –Device
The Lonely Procession — Murder Hauntings (excerpt)
Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge — LIVE phone-in performance on WDBX-FM
Halaka — Andrew Doubts His Ability to do a Feature Film
Halaka — The Loose Table is Tracked Down
Halaka — Part 4: Don and Andrew Try to Connect the Wind Machine
Halaka — Putting the P Back In Quality
Halaka — Set Design and Dealing With the Production Staff On a Very Small Budget
Halaka — Part 2: Don Recalls the Black Shirt
Halaka — Finally Giving Up on the Wind Machine
Don Campau — Tum-mo

Today’s broadcast preview

July 10, 2009

I’m getting ready to cook a rather involved din-din right now, so I’m keeping this brief– today’s show will definitely be excellent. Most excellent. Bill and Ted excellent, for real.

How many microcassettes will I play for you? Two, if you’re well-behaved! (Three, if you’re very bad.) I’ve also got a Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge/Black Beast of Arrrghhh split cassette suffocating inside a case– it’s begging to be let out, and has been offering all manners of fascinating promises in trade for a night of freedom. Should I believe it can give me a more noble nose, and increase my metabolism by 37 percent?

Speaking of food– Halaka will also be present, in digital form, anyway. Their latest will present evidence supporting the hypothesis that we are all Halaka. Later tracks will directly contradict this, so you will need to listen and decide for yourself.

But wait there’s more. Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge are our phone-in guests today. They will be sending us little electrical pulses via a telephone of their choosing. You can hear the entire experiment live RIGHT FLIPPIN’ HERE.

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/4/09

July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day! I’ve started this broadcast by freeing my listeners from “Bad Company,” surely one of the more obnoxious songs ever concocted. We’re currently digging Henry Kaiser, from the album “Lemon Fish Tweezer.” It’s one of my favorites, so I hope you enjoy it too.

I’ve gotten some complaints today that VLC has difficulty accessing the WDBX stream. I went ahead and sent a mail to our station manager to see if the station’s new net provider can help us with this… if you use VLC regularly, let me know so I can keep you updated on this!

Right now, I’m in the midst of my Edgetone Records hour. It’s pretty fun blending these tracks, there are so many interesting textures that the options are pretty well wide-open. I’ve got a mix of Charlotte Hug and gal*in_dog’s “Lift” layered over Steven Baker’s “Lunar Etudes Time Differentials” album right now, and it sounds great!

First impression: Haruki’s latest for The Land Of, “To Humble A Nest” is really freakin’ good.

Henry Kaiser — Get Moose and Squirrel
Henry Kaiser — Red Shadows
Henry Kaiser — Aquirax Aida
Henry Kaiser — Novelty Act
Henry Kaiser — What the Dead Men Say
A_dontigny — Crowding Into the Behavioural Sink
A_dontigny — Holzwege
A_dontigny — Turner
A_dontigny — All-Over
A_dontigny — Wirkungsgeschichtesbewusstein
Grey Park — 10 Dollar Habit / Immediate Resignation
Vanessa Rossetto — Dogs in English Porcelain
John Oswald — The Speed of Space (excerpt from “Grayfolded”)
Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel — A Charming Decoy
Bloom — Discussion
Bloom — Rent Asunder
Bloom — Sam
Jim Ryan — Six Days (from “Subjects of Desire”)
Steven Baker — Plumb Deed
Steven Baker — Still Near
gal*in_dog, Charlotte Hug — Tietl
Haruki — Greasy Coats and a Pair of Scissors
Haruki — Don’t Moan Unless Asked
Haruki — A Door A Door
Haruki — If I Wrote You
Marco Oppedisano — The Ominous Corner
Marco Oppedisano — Imaginary Portal

Listen online here

On the upcoming broadcast…

July 3, 2009

I’ve got some John Oswald– from “Grayfolded,” which utilizes samples taken from hundreds of versions of the Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star.” I’m also playing some new stuff from Vanessa Rossetto, straight from her Music Appreciation label. If that wasn’t enough to guarantee your undivided attention, I’ll also be highlighting the Edgetone Records label; so expect tons of improvisational music, outer limits jazz, and other challenging noises.

drone car