New torrents!

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

Here’s my latest batch of torrents. As always, you have choices:

“ITDE” 6/27/09– Realize all your dreams, and treat yourself to the full show. This broadcast features the debut of “Lawrence Welk’s Secret Shame,” Praey’s last pre-reunion tour set, obscure Finnish sounds, and Dictaphonia 2’s B-side!

Karthik Kakarala, Tony Youngblood, and DaveX LIVE– Karthik witnesses the awesome power of a fully-operational ~Ore~, and lives to tell the tale. Or does he?! Abused guitars, and multiple circuit-bent instruments will fill 23 minutes of your life with aural goodness.

Praey, LIVE– Fresh from the Lost Cross, Praey attempts to enlarge the Hi-Life Room via standing sound waves. Success!

Describing Yoshihide Sodeoka’s Video Metal DVD– Ranking highly amongst strange “ITDE” experiments, this segment finds DaveX and company engaged in describing the visual contents of a film to the blinded radio listenership. Weirdness without comparison!

5 Responses to “New torrents!”

  1. Anthony William Herndon Says:

    I’m downloading to torrent, i also am guessing you used your new circuit bent thing on the show.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    I sure did! Here’s the link to my “supplemental commentary” for the broadcast…

    The new bent instrument is called “Lawrence Welk’s Secret Shame,” btw…

  3. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    STILL my favorite name for a circuit-bent device.

  4. noisemaus Says:

    downloading the torrent now. very much looking forward to the show! thanks.

  5. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    I hope you write an entry regarding the possible dismayed response from Table of Contents, with regard to the ending commentary.

    Recommendation for the end of the improv set with Youngblood and Dave X: Turn up your volume a little bit more in preparation for the primitive part at the end.

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