Supplemental commentary for “ITDE” 6/27/09

Today’s show was a tremendous amount of fun. It also kept me on my toes! A few hours prior, I found out that my former ~Ore~ co-host Tony Youngblood was going to be in town, so I invited him to play a circuit bent instrument (of his design, the same one I employed during the Noise Summit) with Karthik Kakarala and myself. Our set went well, ranging from a lengthy drone intro to harsher electronic noises, and finished off with more primitive sounds… definitely a unique arc for the sound to take. BTW, fellow oddmuse Skincage wins the Rhythmer naming contest– I’ll be engraving “Lawrence Welk’s Secret Shame” front and center as soon as I can!

A bit later, Praey played their last set together, 10 minutes of awesome. Praey isn’t what I’d ordinarily refer to as “experimental” music, but there are some noise elements and subverted rock traditions going on– but mostly, I just wanted to hear some friends do their thing, and hey– we already had the mics set up!

For this broadcast’s finale, I screened a copy of Yoshihide Sodeoka’s new DVD “Video Metal,” currently out on the Table of Contents label. My intention was to broadcast the sound, and for everyone to provide color commentary to the listening audience in regards to the visuals. At one point in time, I referred to “Evil Erector” as being akin to zooming into an MRI taken of someone inside Tron. Anyhow, about halfway through our descriptions, I realized the sound was off– in-studio, the monitors are muted when we use the microphones to avoid feedback– but in this case, the sound was off for the listening audience as well! Thus, for a good portion of the DVD, listeners only heard our descriptions! I’ll be posting the audio for this broadcast later on, so you can check out our bizarre descriptions of this amazing DVD.

I’ll let you know when my show recording goes live, until then, take care! –DaveX

One Response to “Supplemental commentary for “ITDE” 6/27/09”

  1. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    Well, they played ONE more set the next day, at a backyard in Belleville. Here’s to hoping that they manage to reunite at some point.

    Brandon and I were still laughing over the broadcast finale last night.

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