New torrents!

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

Here’s some new “It’s Too Damn Early” episodes and pieces that you may enjoy:

“ITDE” 6/20/09 — In which DaveX overcomes his nightmares in order to interview Hal McGee. Marathon plays live, and the Infant Cycle’s secret message is intercepted by dogs.

“ITDE” 6/13/09 — Warm Climate plays radio guinea pig for DaveX, gang-pressing a cell phone into field trials. Halaka brings the weird, Dictaphonia v.1 goes one further.

DaveX interviews Hal McGee — Pretty straightforward. Too lazy to download the full show? Skip right to the microcassette-themed goodies.

Marathon, Live at WDBX-FM — Again, the title gives it away. Is there no more mystery? Help stamp out DaveX’s yammering and just download Marathon’s drone-noise live set.

Warm Climate, via cell phone, 6/13/09 — Who needs foreplay? Shoot your wad all at once, and head straight for Warm Climate’s inaugural phone-in set for DaveX. It’s kinda rough– go ahead, blame DaveX!

For more information about downloading with torrent files, see my earlier post.

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