Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/13/09

Today’s show will be a long one, as I am covering for Kids Kamp until 8 a.m. Having “just” returned from St. Louis on a trip to see Peter Brotzmann’s Full Blast Trio (and Yowie!), I’m going to do the best I can to present a decently-coherent set. There may be rough patches, so hold on.

My phone-in guest today is Warm Climate, who have promised to make the best use of cell phone technology to play us all a little something around 4:30. I expect everything with go well with our phone-to-radio setup, but I still hope you’ll cross your fingers that no glitches occur.

Cheer Accident — Sun Dies
Cheer Accident — Mescalito
Cheer Accident — And Then Your Realize You Haven’t Left Yet
Cheer Accident — Blue Cheadle
Randall Hall — To Be Neither Proud Nor Ashamed
Warm Climate — Live phone-in performance on WDBX-FM
Halaka — Everyone Told Me I Was Great
DaveX — Jam Up/Jelly Tight
Barry Chabala — Acoustic Guitar: “m”
Violet — Spring
Fiver’s Stereo — Back Woods Preacher
Hal McGee — Inverse Square Ratio
3D-Man — Untitled Guitar Solo
Chefkirk — no input for microcssette
Ironing — MicrocaBettestrabE
Concrete — Distant Envelopment
Jeph Jerman — Metamatic
Blind Umizato — Microcasstte 04132009
Dave Fuglewicz — Liquid Glass
Big City Orchestra — Treasure for Daddy
Waterdigger — Hal McGee Has Stipulations
Jeff Gburek — Kreuzberg Neukolln Kleve
Jeff Gburek — Grace Hollogne Llege
The Infant Cycle — Secret Hidden Message
The Infant Cycle — (And Then the Dog Replied)
Luc Houtkamp — Flow Chart
Luc Houtkamp — New Wabash
Raquel Castro — Soundwalkers (DVD)
Randall Hall — HARD
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, John Cage — Sound

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/13/09”

  1. Tony Youngblood Says:

    Peter Brotzmann was in St. Louis, and you didn’t tell me?! How was his trio?

  2. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    It was outstanding.

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