Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/6/09

I’ll mention it again– WDBX-FM is back online! Naturally, I’m excited– a higher quality stream, and the hope of some better service sounds great to me. I’m a little directionless today, but I think the Merzbow mind-wipe I’m currently perpetrating (from the fifth volume of the “13 Japanese Birds” series on Important, yah!) should help me clear the way for something good to germinate.

Just had a phone call from Las Vegas. According to the caller, Vegas area radio is in pitiful shape, with even UNLV aping corporate models. So today, I’m proud to say that “It’s Too Damn Early” has been chosen– over the Liberace Museum, over Round Table Pizza, and even over watching drunks fall off their stools at the many casinos. YAY!

I just confirmed a live set for Brandon Beachum’s solo project, Marathon. He’s going to be performing live this June 20th, on the show.

Merzbow — Requiem for the 259,000 Quails Culled at a Farm in Toyohashi pt.1
Merzbow — Requiem for the 259,000 Quails Culled at a Farm in Toyohashi pt.2
Miriodor — Ecart-type: Standard Deviation
Miriodor — A Determiner: To Be Determined
Ville Moskiitto — Kupariluostari
Ville Moskiitto — Kuhnuritanssi
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 24
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 25
Upsilon Acrux — Transparent Seas
DaveX — Keeping My Hand In
Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge — brugmansia tea
Kathy Burkett — Dachsooka Radio Buzz
Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo — Nastro #13b
Otolathe — Unorchestrable
Mike Khoury — Solo Violin
Black Beast of Arrrghhh — Micro-boogie
Horseflesh — Hyper Flies
Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth — The Sky and the Sea Bed
William A Davison — Garbage Guitar and Objects 090410
Homogenized Terrestrials — Air
Krysten Davis — BBBBAD
Rabbit Girls — Epithlamium
Rabbit  Girls — Hymenaeus
Rabbit Girls — die Hochzeit
Randall Hall — Reflecting Pool

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