Prog-O-Caust 2009

DJs Tim Ready and Micah Moses presented the Prog-O-Caust this past Saturday, on their Radio23 program “Public Sensory Radio.” I missed checking it out live, but you can join me in digging part one from their own archive.

These guys definitely appeal to my misanthopic side– dig this bit from Ready’s absolute takedown of Dream Theatre:

“…never has a band so ill-adept reached so far past its grasp for the moniker “genius”! Sterile, indeed; for 20 years overplaying and soloing to no end, and never for a moment did the seed of creation take- Oh, how pitiful to masturbate so incessantly and be capable of only ever shooting blanks.”

I also love his description of James LaBrie… perfect!

“Somewhere between Don Dokken and John Ashcroft, his shrill mauling of already terrible material produces something gorgeously rare- The Thing Which Can Not Be Parodied. With more octaves than restraint at his disposal, LaBrie shrieks and caterwauls like a show-off Castrati trying to convince the Pope that all little boys can still be useful, nuts or no nuts.”

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